Textile Excellence offers a large basket of value added services to suit the industry's need in the transforming business environment. We are pleased to cater to a wide spectrum of clients across the globe and promise to deliver the best.

Market Services

We also provide Business Development Services for textile manufacturers, cutting down the cost of the operations to a negligible figure. At the same time bringing business when one needs the most. Just one telephone call and MOU is enough to proceed. This service is offered to all companies engaged in manufacturing of textile products, accessories and machinery.

Event Promotion

We offer exclusive Event Promotion Services to textile industry related international events. This service includes promotions through both, print and the Internet. Our service includes Space Booking, Visitor Drive and Brand Building. Few of the events which were promoted by us are as below:

  1. ITMA 2011, Barcelona, Spain
  2. ShanghaiTex 2011, Shanghai, China
  3. India ITME 2012, Mumbai, India
  4. ITM 2012, Istanbul, Turkey
  5. DTG 2012, 2013, 2014, Dhaka, Bangladesh
  6. Filtech 2013, Wiesbaden, Germany
  7. Techtexil India 2013, Mumbai, India
  8. ITMACH 2014, Bhiwandi, India

For further details contact Arvind Semlani
eMail arvind@textileexcellence.com

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