The textile publishing space, whilst not cluttered, is nevertheless represented by a clutch of publications; some more successful than others. We, at Textile Excellence, stand out for the breadth of our domain expertise; for the depth of our research and above all for the length of our cumulative experience in this field. Textile Excellence strives to be the dominant player, a claim made by many but executed by only those few who are driven to provide value to their readers and not just drive advertising revenue to themselves.

For us, ‘value addition’ is not just some marketing spiel we trot out to impress our advertisers, but a continual process of diligently striving to give more to our readers; more value for their money, and more yield for their time; in short a bigger bang for their bucks!

The Team
A company is but a reflection of the collective strength of its people. Our team’s strength lies in its professional competence, vast experience and enthusiasm. A young team coming from background ranging from media and textile industry and marketing professionals.

The Philosophy
With our guiding ideals of information, intelligence and integrity, we at 3i Publishing are continually on a voyage of tuning in to intelligent enterprises. Unfettered by hidden agendas of ours or anybody else, we operate under strictest neutrality and total transparency. Be it rosy scenarios or uncomfortable conclusions, if that’s where our logic leads us, we simply want to keep the industry, BETTER INFORMED

Our every side,
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