Woman Power In The Textiles Ministry
Woman Power In The Textiles Ministry
New Delhi, India | Wednesday, 6th Jul. 2016  | By Textile Excellence
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It’s woman power in the Textiles Ministry. Smriti Irani is now the new textiles minister, her team of secretaries and additional secretaries are mostly women, the textile commissioner is an accomplished IAS lady officer.


The new textiles minister will have an important role to play. The government has recently announced an incentive package for the textile industry. It is now upto the minister and her team to ensure that the package is properly implemented in a timely manner.


It is unfortunate that the media, including social media have termed Smriti Irani’s transfer to the textiles ministry as a demotion. This once again shows the near complete lack of understanding of the country’s second largest industry and one of the top employment generators, an industry which earns the country a large amount of foreign exchange.


The government is focusing on the handloom sector for social and economic development of rural India. This is an industry in itself, with unique challenges and opportunities. The spinning industry is burdened with overcapacity. The weaving and processing sectors still remain weak. The powerloom sector again has its own challenges. Then there are schemes for textile infrastructure development that have to be made relevant for the industry. The list of chores is endless.


We have to wait and see how the minister and her team are able to tackle these various issues.


Textile Excellence congratulates Smriti Irani on being promoted to the textiles portfolio

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