Bangladesh’s M&J Group Displays Its Latest Innovations At Kingpins China Tour
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Bangladesh’s M&J Group Displays Its Latest Innovations At Kingpins China Tour
Dhaka, Bangladesh | Tuesday, 12th Sep. 2017  | By Textile Excellence
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The Dhaka-based M&J Group displayed its latest innovations at the recently organised second edition of the Kingpins China Tour, in its bid to make its presence felt in the Chinese market.


The M&J Group presented its AW 18/19 collection and a preview of the latest innovations and trends for the SS-2019 collection, with a special focus on printing technologies and new eco-friendly applications on denim. The entire production was monitored using Start To Measure™ technology, applied for the first time to the entire collection.


Start To Measure™ is a cutting-edge technology, entirely developed by the M&J Group, which enables detailed measurement of the amount of resources used in the garment finishing process.


Starting then from a true, in-house sustainable approach, the new M&J collection will merge new print design with ultra shiny looks, while emphasising American 1950s classic looks, inspired by the Barbie doll.


The garment maker is also is working on a new collection that will be a compendium of all its latest technologies and innovations in terms of resource saving, and of course it will feature Start To Measure™ technology to improve resource control and implement production processes.

 “The Chinese market is at a stage where attention to sustainability, in fashion and not only, is constantly growing. We have the potential to emerge as a crucial player in this market, because sustainability and eco-innovations are not only products for us, given that they’re deeply rooted in our approach,” M&J Group Head Fabio Adami Dalla Val stated.

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