ThreadSol Host First Edition of Apparel Tech Up India in Tirupur
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ThreadSol Host First Edition of Apparel Tech Up India in Tirupur
Tirupur, India | Wednesday, 11th Jul. 2018  | By Textile Excellence
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ThreadSol, a leading garment technology firm organized the first edition of 'Apparel Tech-Up India' in Tirupur in Poppys Vista Hotel on 6th July 2018 in association with Mehala Machines. The 10th edition of the Apparel Tech Up Series was to explore a range of pivotal subjects set to understand how technology can be an enabler for the Tirupur RMG Industry to stay cost competitive, in particularly three fundamental elements: resource optimization, lowered costs and improved outputs.


The event began with a keynote by  T.R. Vijaya Kumar, MD, CBC Group and General Secretary, Tirupur Exporters Association.  Kumar discussed the evolution of the Tirupur garment industry over the year and concluded, He said, “With the rising competition in terms of cost and skill from countries like Bangladesh and Vietnam, it is imperative that Tirupur also adopt technology and automation to stay in the game.”


This was followed by a talk by Anuj George, Country Head – India, ThreadSol. He talked about the current sourcing trends in the apparel market, including fast fashion and ecommerce and consequently the result these trends have on garment manufacturers. He added, ”Brands all over the world have two basic requirements from vendors – Cost Control and Decision Postponement. These are the attributes of the Super Vendors. Brands want to be good cheaper and faster.”  The talk was followed by a quick presentation on ThreadSol solutions – intelloCut and intelloBuy by Nawaz Khan, Key Account Manager, ThreadSol.


The last speaker of the event was Sasi Kumar from Mehala Machines. Mehala is a technology reseller with renowned presence in the Tirupur region. Sasi spoke about the different technology tools available in the market today for complete cutting room automation.


The event was concluded with a panel discussion between Anuj George (ThreadSol), Bharat (Mehala) and T.K Vijaya Kumar (CBC) to discussion the acceptance level of technology in Tirupur and the barriers that exist today.


Garment manufacturers formed the majority of the audience and included higher management from CBC, Cotton Blossom, Clifton Exports, Armstrong and Best Corporation to name a few. The introduction of such a platform of discussion was appreciated by all.  “Apparel Tech-Up was a great way to network and understand the common problems all of us manufacturers face every day,” said Murthy from AKM India.

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