Rieter’s Rotor Spinning Machine R 66 Wins Accolade With Chinese Clients
Rieter’s Rotor Spinning Machine R 66 Wins Accolade With Chinese Clients
Xinjiang, China | Thursday, 12th Jul. 2018  | By Textile Excellence
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After seeing an increase in demand from end customers, Rieter customer Xinjiang Kangruixin Textile Co. Ltd., based in Aksu in the Chinese province of Xinjiang,needed to increase production of soft knitting yarn and yarn with lower twist. The company was also facing pressure to reduce energy and personnel costs.


Xinjiang Kangruixin Textile Co., Ltd. is a fully invested subsidiary of Henan Shenqiu Sanzha Textile Co., Ltd. The company operates 50 000 ring spindles, 640 semi-automated rotor units and 260 sets of high-speed rapier looms. The company has more than 800 employees. The Kangruixin production chain covers the complete home textile process from design, R&D, spinning, weaving and dyeing right through to finishing.


The Challenge: Increased Production with Reduced Costs

In recent years, Kangruixin has faced increasing pressure to reduce both the energy consumption and the manpower required for ring spinning. As a result, the management team began to focus on 100% virgin cotton and aimed for a faster spinning process to increase their production of top-quality soft yarn. At the same time, Kangruixin wanted to satisfy the demand for yarn with lower twist, stable yarn evenness and consistent yarn strength.


The Solution: Rotor Spinning Machine R 66

Kangruixin has invested in seven fully automatic rotor spinning machines R 66 from Rieter, each with 600 rotors. The machines are equipped with spin boxes S 66 representing the latest in rotor spinning technology. They have unique features such as BYpass, SPEEDpass, CHANNELpass and TWISTunit. This results in a stable running condition and a constant yarn quality. The robots with the VARIOclean units efficiently clean the rotor and the rotor groove before each single piecing operation. The high degree of automation of the R 66 means that Kangruixin requires fewer operating personnel. The R 66 completely fulfills the requirements of the customer.


The Benefits for Kangruixin: More Yarn with Lower Energy Consumption and Fewer Operating Personnel

The R 66 produces 25% more yarn compared to the semi-automated rotor spinning machine. The energy consumption per kilogram of yarn is 64% lower when compared with ring spinning production. This saving can also be attributed to the energy-efficient ECOrized drive technology. The quality of the soft knitting yarn from the R 66 is consistently high because of the new spin box S 66 technology. The machines run reliably and are easy to operate. When compared with ring spinning production, the number of operating personnel is reduced by 75%. The customers of Kangruixin are very pleased with the quality of the yarn. In most cases, they are able to sell the yarn at a higher price than the current market value.


The Customer's Statement

“With the R 66, all our expectations regarding productivity and yarn quality have been completely fulfilled. Our operators are very happy with the sturdy design, easy handling, and straightforward operation of the R 66. We are the lucky owners of the 288 888th spin box. It gives us the confidence that we are taking the right steps to go with rotor spinning machines for our yarn production,” says Mingxin Li, General Manager, Xinjiang Kangruixin Textile Co. Ltd.

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