Stovec: We offer the best quality printing solutions with optimal investments
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Stovec: We offer the best quality printing solutions with optimal investments
Mumbai, India | Sunday, 1st Dec. 2013  | By Textile Excellence
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Stovec Industries Ltd., a public listed company in India is a subsidiary of SPG Prints B.V. SPG Prints is a global leader in the textile and graphics printing market which offers complete systems and solutions from screens, lacquers, inks and digital engraving to a broad range of rotary screen and digital printing systems. Stovec Industries Ltd has its manufacturing facility in Ahmedabad that works on electroforming, electro-plating and engraving technologies as well as offers systems & solutions from the parent company. K Prabhakaran, GM (Capital Sales & Service), Stovec Industries Ltd speaks to Textile Excellence on printing technology offered by the company, their advantages, features and service that adds significant value to the customer's processes and products to win in a competitive market scenario.


What are the activities of Stovec Industries? 

Stovec Industries is part of SPG Prints and the company is engaged in production of rotary screen printing and engraving solutions in our facility in Ahmedabad and supply digital inks and other printing consumables. About one-third of our business is contributed by capital machinery and two-third of the business comes from consumables used in rotary printing and sugar industry.


Which are the markets Stovec Industries caters to?

We cater to the Indian markets from our Ahmedabad facility. However, we also supply systems for export through our parent company. As far as Indian market is concerned, Ahmedabad is one of our major markets which has largest rotary printing hub. Similarly, our major customers are located in the clusters like Tirupur, Mumbai, Surat and NCR. Our rotary printing systems are suitable for any kind of fabric and lately we see that the synthetic rotary printed fabric is gaining popularity. This makes Surat an attractive emerging market for us.


How is the rotary screen printing machines business for you in India?

As I have said, our rotary screen printing machines can print from cotton to silk, wool or synthetics. We can print on any textile fabric. We had sold good number of machines to customers that look for high quality, high volume reliable printing systems. However, in between, we have witnessed a market trend that looked for low cost machines where quality is not a prime criteria. But, today apparel buyers demand high quality printed goods and therefore, Stovec printing machines are in good demand. Especially, Stormac RD VI Gold series machines are gaining popularity. The market's demand for quality is the reason for this shift from low-cost to latest technology machines.Stovec today enjoys major market share in highquality rotary screen printing machinery category in India.


What are the advantages of rotary screen printing machines compared to other technologies or even the emerging digital textile printing machines?

Wherever there is low volume, say the run length is less than 1000 meters, people go for flatbed or digital printing. Again, digital printing is for very high-end quality and for photo images. However, if the run length is more and consistent quality is must, then, it is economical to deploy rotary screen printing machine for production. Quality of printing in rotary screen is better compared to flatbed as it is done on seamless screen. Digital printing quality is good but costly too. Stovec offers proven range of textile printing machinery and technology that meets all quality specifications of modern day fabrics. Not only that, we offer selection of technologies that suits the customer's budget as well and strong local after sales service back-up that ensures smooth operation.  Stovec offers rotary screen printing machines upto 16 colors and up to 2250 mm printable width. In India, however, 12 color rotary printing machine (STORMAC RDVI) is the most popular. (learn more on STORMAC RD VI Gold in the box). We also can offer upto 24 color rotary printing machine from our parent company.


How is Stovec placed in terms of competition in India?

There is nobody in our segment with the price tag and printing quality that we ensure. There are few companies that offer cheaper machines for the lower segment, where quality / productivity is not so important . Our machines offer value for money. Customers get the quality whatever high-end machines can offer but running cost as well as investment is optimal. Also, we provide combination of printing technology solutions to our customers as per their demand.                          

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