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DyeChem KnitProcess Exhibition

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Raja M Shanmugham
President / Tiruppur Exporters' Association

Raja M Shanmugham

Tirupur being India’s largest knitwear cluster, entrepreneurs keep investing in capacity enhancements and technology upgradation on regular basis. With the emerging opportunities and Prime Minister’s call for Atmanirbhar Bharat, our industry is committed to take this cluster forward with further investments. Thus, we need international events and supply chain interactions to achieve these goals.

Vinay D Patil

In the context of present scenario, the DyeChem World Exhibition will help to boost the business, regain the momentum of economic growth again. We are thankful to the organizers of the DyeChem World Exhibition and it will be a great step under the mission ‘Begin Again’. Wishing you a great success!

Ullhas Nimkar

The global apparel supply chain has faced several challenges in the past decade and the industry has approached these very effectively with various initiatives, involving all stakeholders in the process. Sustainability and transparency are key are areas that need to be addressed. India has stakeholders across the value chain, and thus have ability to meet these challenges successfully. Dye Chem World and the Knit Process Exhibition will bring all stakeholders under one roof and the CEO summit will give the leaders a platform to discuss and plan the roadmap for the coming decade. I am confident Indian entrepreneurs will rise to the occasion and make the most of this fantastic opportunity.

Gurudas Aras
Director, Textile Engineering Group / A.T.E. Enterprises Private Limited

Gurudas Aras

Tirupur holds a very important place in India’s Textile & Apparel exports. Despite the most challenging situations during Covid, Tirupur’s industry could handle the problems most proficiently and have bounced back quickly. A lot of credit goes to the entrepreneurial spirit of the industry owners for their inexorable efforts. Tirupur’s textile cluster will grow rapidly in view of the emerging opportunities due to geopolitical changes that happened post Covid-19. In this backdrop, an exhibition dedicated to knitting and processing in Tirupur is an appreciable effort. The exhibition will create business opportunities and there cannot be a better time to have such an exhibition when the factors are turning positive for India.

Abhay Sidham
CEO, Textile Machinery Group / Batliboi Ltd

Abhay Sidham

Very good initiative by Textile Excellence. Introduction to sustainable technologies, manufacturing processes and industry interactions will further inspire Tirupur’s Knitwear Industry which is set to witness phenomenal growth in coming years.

Jayant Khera
VP - South Asia / DyStar India Pvt Ltd

Jayant Khera

The CEO Summit is a very good initiative. I hope the event will bring the Think Tanks of the Indian Textile Industry and its value chain all under one roof, to discuss and work closely in collaboration to overcome the impacts of COVID-19. Most importantly, do expect to learn from organizations’ best practices to support our industry’s recovery from the global pandemic.

S Periasamy

A world class exhibition would promote entrepreneurship and innovation as well as help adoption of innovative ideas by our industry and its commercialization to stay competitive. I solicit active participation by all industry stakeholders in the events and derive benefit from it.

Dr. Siva Rama Kumar Pariti
Global Audit Manager / Sustainable Textile Solutions

Dr. Siva Rama Kumar Pariti

Tirupur is a very important cluster for India’s export-oriented textile sector. The activities of capacity building and infrastructure improvement along with creating awareness on the best available technologies as well as innovations will certainly boost the industry’s output. SDC EC is committed to provide all the support necessary in facilitating the events planned for this cluster by the stakeholders.

Re-Energizing Business In Real Way!

Both Dyes & Chemicals and Textile & Apparel industry have demonstrated immense resilience and supported mankind not only to fight the pandemic but unveiled has the path to restart business in a safer mode. The industry is back again on the growth path, expanding capacity, innovating new products and solutions, adopting sustainable processes, and devising new methods of sourcing and managing supply chains with the learning and experiences gained in the last one year. Further, Govt. of India is extending unprecedented financial and policy support to entrepreneurs to revive business and become Atmanirbhar (self-reliant).

In line with the industry’s new found dynamism, Dye Chem World exhibition would complement the needs of the industry in adoption of innovative process and technology and the CEO Summit would connect the business leaders with the ideas of taking business to the next level. The industry would converge for the mega event backed by leaders of NIFT- TEA, AIC NIFT TEA, SDC, Textile Excellence and many more.

Highlights Of The Events

Exhibitors, Visitors and Delegates of DyeChem World Exhibition and CEO Summit shall be able to interact, network and exchange ideas, knowledge and build partnership to facilitate business.

    • Events hosted in the heart of a Textile & Apparel Hub
    • First Large Format B2B Event in the country in post pandemic era
    • Focused Product Categories covering entire value chain of knits
    • Product Launch Events, Training Programs
    • CEO Summit, Networking Meetings, Industry Tours, Workshops & Trainings
    • Sponsorship and Branding Opportunity for Exhibitors

The Venue

India Knit Fair Complex, Tirupur is a well-known professional exhibition Venue that has been set up jointly by the AEPC and TEA. Its close proximity to the main city of Tirupur makes it convenient in terms of access and for visitors from outside Tirupur too, is easily accessible as it is located off the main highway. With spacious exhibition halls and ample parking, the venue is well landscaped providing an ideal setting for trade shows.

Why To Participate

The pandemic has disrupted established business relations and the existing supply chain. Trade fairs were cancelled as people couldn't travel or gather, disturbing established methods of doing business. But it is now time for Begin Again and rebuild where DyeChem World Exhibition and CEO Summit shall bring a whole new set of unmatched business opportunities.

    • First Real Way to reach out to customers and potential customers
    • Opportunity to Re-establish lost Face2Face connect with customers, suppliers
    • Platform for new Product Launches and Brand promotion
    • Unlimited opportunity to Network, Knowledge sharing, understand emerging trends in Design, Colours and Sourcing
    • Opportunity to interact with entire Knit Supply Chain

Product Categories

    • Dyes, Pigments & Auxiliaries
      Dyes, Pigments & Auxiliaries
    • Chemicals & Intermediates
      Chemicals & Intermediates
    • Services for Dyeing, Printing & Processing
      Services for Dyeing, Printing & Processing
    • QC, Utility & Support Services
      QC, Utility & Support Services

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