Automatic Warehousing Solutions from UV Hitech

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UV Hitech Pvt Ltd having its corporate office in Mumbai was established in year 2000 with an intention to serve the Textile Industry on an all-India basis with creative solutions for improving the productivity / quality and energy conservation. The solutions covered all the segment of Textile Industry ranging from cotton ginning to yarn, from fibre to fabrics/ knitting, finishing non woven, made ups, and manmade textiles/garments

The expansion of production capacity of Indian Textile industry was realised through most modern technologies evolving around the Textile machinery world. However, it was soon realised that industry had a very poor infrastructure for storage & supply chain and was seeking to find the right solution.

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UV Hitech soon appreciated these requirements and offered to Textile Industry the best and the most efficient warehousing solutions in partnership with Automha Italy with following features:

  1. High throughput
  2. Traceability of goods produced and Raw Material
  3. Dense storage
  4. Lowest foot print
  5. Low operation cost by employing less manpower
  6. Low-cost warehouses

Textile Industry has a complex matrix in terms of huge number of intermediate processes, different technologies, production capacities for the final goods such as ladies’ wear/ men’s garments/ children wear/ sportswear/ season wear/ casual wear/ knit wear /furnishing fabric /non woven / technical textile etc and therefore warehousing solution becomes complex & customized. Depending upon customer’s needs a solution is developed, which can be a fully automatic or a semi-automatic warehouse with latest management software. The tallest warehouse built so far is 38 meters with an uptime of 98.5%

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Some of solutions implemented are as follows

  • Multi-deep Grey yarn storage solution
  • Dyed yarn Automatic storage & retrieval system
  • Fully automatic Single roll storage solutions
  • Fully Automatic double deep storage solutions with rolls in pallets
  • POY yarn fully automatic warehousing solutions
  • DTY fully automatic warehousing solutions
  • Grey knits fabric semi automatic warehouse
  • Finished knit fabric semi automatic warehouse
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These solutions allow the textile companies to expand production base /improve warehouse management/timely dispatches with less mistakes, real time information of raw material and finished goods etc.


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