Azonprinter Launches New DTF Solutions


Azonprinter, a Croatian-based manufacturer of digital printers at the forefront of global innovation in their industry, has launched A3 and A1 sized DTF printers to the market.
Azon is well known for its creative approach with customization by demand machines, and brings in a fresh design in the DTF domain. DTF technology is now serving as a perfect substitute for the DTG, and has completely taken over.

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Smaller to medium sized companies can benefit from these technologies. It will open new opportunities for them, especially as the DTF technology requires no pre-treatment of the garments, and Azon additionally offers the attractive neon colours that are fluorescent.

In the DTF technology domain, Azon has a unique solution that prints roll to roll, and is 60 cm wide (Pronto Plus Neon X). The roll-to-roll machine has a 10 channel print head, that has both normal and neon (fluorescent) colors- CMYK+ Neon Magenta+ Neon Yellow+ Neon Orange+ Neon Green+2Whites. It has an automated granulating machine, an oven and a Hepa fume extractor, so the manual work is reduced to a minimum. The entire Azon DTF range has Oeko-Tex Certificate.

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