BENNINGER’s New Soft Flow Dyeing Machine – The Fabricmaster


The sustainable way of discontinuous dyeing

Benninger Ltd. which is known worldwide for its highly innovative strength in the field of continuous textile finishing for over 160 years is expanding into discontinuous dyeing with the takeover of LAB-PRO GmbH in 2020. With this addition we will serve better our existing and future customer base with a dyeing system that addresses contemporary needs and requirements of modern dyeing factories. Thanks to the versatility of the FabricMaster, customers will achieve the most ecological footprint at the lowest cost and water consumption.

The result of decades of engineering excellence and an in-depth understanding of the factory floor, the FabricMaster is a breakthrough in the exhaust dyeing industry and was developed for the demanding processing of current and future knitted & woven fabrics of all fibre types. It is the fastest, most versatile, and economic jet of the industry and ensures dramatically shorter process times and higher numbers of batches per day.

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The FabricMaster is the pearl among the jet dyeing machines it stands out brilliantly with better consumption values and impresses with its high-quality fabric appearance and elegant handle. True to the company motto: “You can feel, it’s Benninger.”

Salient Features of Fabric Master:

  • Lowest lift of fabric resulting in reduced longitudinal tension in the fabric
  • Higher reel speed resulting in shorter process time
  • 100% inbuilt self-cleaning filter
  • “Smooth Flow” nozzle for faster impregnation of dye liquor and perfect & level dyeing
  • Unique design of plaiter – leads to perfect opening of the fabric
  • Compact design for plug & play commissioning
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Combined with state-of-the-art process technology and smart chemistry, the FabricMaster ensures the most ecological footprint for exhaust dyeing at the lowest possible cost -at up to 30% less cost compared to existing jet dyeing machines.

The FabricMaster sets new benchmarks in the industry in terms of shorter process time, lower energy, chemical and water consumption.

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Benninger invites you to a demonstration of the FabricMaster at ITME 2022 Exhibition at Hall 3 Booth C1D2.


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