Better Yarn Qualities With Mylon Yarn Conditioning Technology


Mylon Metallics was incorporated in 2015 as an engineering company par excellence for manufacture of textile machines and other engineering products. Mylon is promoted by D Srinivasan, who has over 37 years of experience in the spinning industry; he was instrumental in establishing SIEGER for the past 20 years. He has a customer reference of over 800 installations.

Mylon is focused on 4 lines of business:

  1. Textile machines – Yarn Conditioning Plant and packing automation
  2. Spares and services for Yarn Conditioning Plants from Xorella, Sieger, ELgi, Welker, Pozzi
  3. Transport sector – Insulated containers for transport of perishables
  4. Supply of parts and services for OEMs

Mylon, in a short span of three years, has developed a strong customer base of over 400 customers in India and abroad. More than 30 installations of Yarn Conditioning Plant in the past three years has brought them in discussion with several new projects.

The yarn conditioning plant is broadly classified into 2 models:

  • Yarn Conditioning Plant – CUBICAL
  • Yarn Conditioning Plant – CYLINDRICAL

Mylon has a complete range of machines to meet the market requirements from small to large spinners

MYLON, the new face of yarn conditioning:

  • CYLINDRICAL – YCP 200, 360,600, 1000, 1250, 1500 & 2000 kgs per batch
  • CUBICAL – YCP 1000, 1250,1500& 2000 kgs per batch
  • CUBICAL FLOOR MOUNTED – YCP 200, 360, 600, 1000, 1250, 1600 kgs per batch

The machines are made compact to occupy less floor space, are environment friendly and pocket friendly for economical price and operation cost. All the machines are supplied with superior insulation for temperature retention, lower power consumption.

Mylon provides upgrade kits for older YCP with new touch screen panels, conducts energy audits and process audits .This helps the customers to get a longer life out of their ageing machines. Variety of yarns that can be conditioned with Mylon Yarn Conditioning Plant include cotton, cotton blend with rayon, cotton blends with polyester wool/worsted.

Mylon is committed to the textile industry.


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