DuPont’s Spandex-Free Stretch Jacket Is Sustainable

DuPont's Spandex-Free Stretch Jacket Is Sustainable

The DuPont™ Sorona® brand team is challenging designers to think about the full lifecycle of a garment by showcasing a ski jacket where every layer is a spandex-free stretch solution that can be recycled. The ski jacket – using partially bio-based Sorona fabrics for the inner and outer layers, the insulation, and the faux fur trim – debuted at the Outdoor Retailer Snow Show on January 29-31, 2020 in Denver, and at ISPO Munich, January 26-29, 2020.

Combining the long-lasting performance of Sorona fabrics with the concept of circular economy, this jacket is compatible with single stream polyester recycling, meaning the fabrics can have a second life when it’s time to finally retire the garment. Designed by Youngone, this stylish jacket incorporates the recently launched ECOLoft™ FLEX SR insulation based on UNIFI REPREVE® fibres and bio-based Sorona polymer fibres offering warmth and long-lasting stretch for hitting the slopes time and time again. “Stretch fabrics with even 1% spandex or elastane, if not reused, tend to head for the landfill,” explains Laurie Kronenberg, Global DuPont Sorona brand manager. “That is why it is so important to understand that if a polyester stretch garment has elasterell-p or elastomultiester to enhance the garment’s stretch performance, it can be mechanically recycled.

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Educating everyone from designers to the material handlers in the recycling facilities that there is a stretch fibre option that can be mechanically recycled in a 100% polyester construction will have a positive impact on the environment.” “We’re working with multiple value chains and thinking of the entire lifecycle of a garment,” said Renee Henze, DuPont Biomaterials global marketing director.

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“Every stakeholder has to pull together to create solutions for sustainable fashions. We’re proud to debut this soft and luxurious jacket that features partially plant-based Sorona fabrics throughout and has the added benefit of being recycled at its end of life.”

Sorona fabrics offer the perfect comfort stretch performance without breaking down over time due to heat, UV rays or chlorine exposure – meaning clothes continue to look, feel and perform great after each wear. This can lengthen the life of the garment for multiple uses and when it is finally time to retire the garment, it can be mechanically recycled rather than being directed to the landfill like spandex.

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