DyStar Celebrates 125 Years Of Indigo Excellence


DyStar, leading specialty chemical company with a heritage of more than a century in product development and innovation is proud to celebrate its legacy of hard work and notable achievements for Indigo Excellence in the past 125 years.

“Our story started with a huge market demand for the industrial synthesis of indigo during the late nineteenth century. The first Industrial Synthesis of Indigo, Indigo Pure BASF, was successfully manufactured and introduced into the market by BASF in July 1897. It was a significant achievement for the German Chemical Industry,” said the company.

Over the years, the product has made revolutionary changes to the supply chain. New technologies enabled the transformation of synthetic indigo powder application to pre-reduced DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% solution. Being the pioneer in the market, the pre-reduced solutions are an important industry milestone when first launched in 1998.

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DyStar’s innovation remains a core catalyst in its chemistry research and development journey. “When we introduced DyStar® Indigo Vat 40% Solution, the core intelligence lies behind the benefits from sustainability to health and safety. The technology transforms indigo into its soluble Leuco form, making the indigo dyeing process more sustainable, efficient, and stable in production. In addition, workers in denim mills can be assured of product safety as well.”

“Similarly, in our recent modules under Cadira® Denim, DyStar introduced the first salt-free indigo dyeing process in history. The applied technology completely eliminates hydrosulphite in the application of indigo,” said the company.

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All these innovations were not possible without a dedicated team of subject matter experts who made chemistry excellence possible over an extended period of time, the company highlighted.

“DyStar has kept the legacy of indigo innovation alive and will continue to innovate our products in the future,” said Thorsten Huels, Director of DyStar’s Global Denim Team. “Our subject matter experts will drive sustainability as our core so as to continue to enable key stakeholders, direct customers, brand and retailers, manufacturers, and wider supply chain to benefit from the efficient process and production.”

As DyStar marches into the new era with a laser-focus on sustainability, the Group’s priority is to remain the most preferred vendor. “Our solutions today and in the future will continue to be relevant to support the technical demand of the wider supply chain, mitigating your challenges and leveraging every opportunity along the way. The legend will live on,” he said.

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