DyStar Releases 2021–2022 Integrated Sustainability Report


DyStar released its twelfth annual Sustainability Performance Report, prepared in accordance with the updated GRI Standards 2021: Core option. DyStar continues to adopt the Integrated Reporting <IR> framework to communicate how the group has successfully created tangible value across multiple stakeholder groups in six major capitals.

DyStar reported that it is closer to some of its 2025 target of reducing environmental footprint by 30% for every ton of product, from 2011 levels.

Key highlights for FY 2021:

  • Recorded more than 29%increase in revenue compared to 2020
  • Zero workplace fatalities, high-consequence injuries, and work-related ill health
  • 40% reduction in Greenhouse gas (GHG) emission intensity, compared to 2011
  • 37% decrease in wastewater emission intensity, compared to 2011
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Xu Yalin, Executive Board Director of DyStar Group said, “As a leading specialty chemical manufacturer and producer, DyStar will continue to invest responsibly into product innovation and diversify into renewable energy, to drive sustainable outcomes across our value chain and industries.”

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Eric Hopmann, CEO of DyStar Group remarked, “We remain cautiously optimistic about the company’s financial and environmental performance. The integrated value creation model that we began in 2020 has proven to be effective and will continue to support our efforts toward DyStar’s 2025 Sustainability Master Plan.”

The Group was able to remain resilient and steer itself toward optimistic growth and recovery from the global pandemic in FY2021. In face of recent geopolitical events and macroeconomic factors such as soaring energy costs, DyStar and the wider supply chain will continue to face challenges.

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