Embee’s Complete Solution For Textile Rotary Screen Printing Was Highly Recognised At ITMA 2019

Harsh Shah, Managing Director, Embee Group

How was ITMA 2019 for you?
We have been participating in every ITMA exhibition ever since 1995; the show has been really good. We had a lot of visitors from day one itself which was really motivating.

What did you showcase at the show?
We showcased our latest innovations- laser screen stripping machine (Laser Bird) at ITMA 2019. This is the first of its kind and we are the first one in the world to launch this kind of hi-tech machine exclusively for the textile rotary screen printing industry. It is a breakthrough innovation and efficient product because in today’s market buyers are looking for cost-effective products which help them to make the best use of the resources they have and that is where this machine comes in.

Secondly, taking into consideration the environmental issues, this machine uses laser technology. It doesn’t use water at all; therefore there is no water pollution and chemical usage. In rotary screen printing, printers basically use nickel screen for printing and these screens are reused several times as it is a very expensive metal. When they have to reuse the screen to print another design, they have to remove the old design using very harsh acidic chemicals which causes environmental pollution. Also alternatively rotary screen printers use high pressure and water, where lots of water is wasted causing water pollution.

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We have gone one step ahead and produced this machine which uses only laser to do this job effectively without water and chemical. The laser is targeted on the screen and burns off the old deign and the screen is clean to get a new design on it. There is no water and environmental pollution, just negligible amount of ash is generated. It’s a very clean and efficient technology.

How was the response to this machine at the show?
We launched Laserbird at ITMA 2019 and received a very good response. We sold this machine to a company from Egypt, who has been our customer for many years. We are happy that we are engaging with this company for another big business.

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Other than Egypt, you have your customers in which other countries?
On an average, we are exporting to more than 30 countries. Not only from India but we have many customers from Tunisia, Indonesia, Mexico, Columbia, European countries Spain, Portugal and in many African countries too.

Could you highlight on the other innovations from Embee Group?
Innovation has always been one of our core strength at Embee and when we say innovation, automation follows soon. Our latest rotary printing machine has servo individual drive system which we source from one of the best companies in Europe which is a fully automated system.

We have also developed an advanced colour preparation system too – both semi-automatic as well as fully automatic system.

Embee Group offers complete solution for textile rotary printing industry which primarily includes pre-print, print and post-print solution. Pre-print solutions are for the screen and colour preparation. Then we have the rotary printing machine as a part of print solution, where we have two types, one is for production printing where we print in bulk and other is sample printing. In post printing solutions, we have equipments like washing equipments for washing the screens and drums. We offer complete package for anyone who is into rotary printing

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Do you think that Indian companies today pose serious competition to their European counterparts?

We are already competing with all major European companies and we are definitely giving them a tough time, especially because our products are of very good quality, efficient and economical. We are constantly developing and launching new products and solutions every 3-5 months.


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