Epic Group Partners With Serai To Infuse Transparency In Its Supply Chain


Epic Group has partnered with Serai, a digital B2B platform by HSBC, to trade the cotton that makes up their fabric from farm to the final product.

Hong Kong based Serai launched its supply chain solution earlier this year that helps global brands and manufacturers access and unify complex supply chain information from multiple sources to gain full visibility over their global supply chain.

Together with Serai, Epic Group will be building a network across their entire fabric supply chain – from fabric mills all the way to farms – to ensure that the cotton used in every piece of apparel is sourced sustainability. Epic Group hopes to expand this network in the future to cover all raw materials used in its fabrics.

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Sunil Daryanani, joint CEO of Epic Group, said, “Supply chain transparency has become a cornerstone of our processes and is driven by the values that Epic Group is built on. In our relentless pursuit of sustainability, gaining visibility into our supply chain so as to ensure ethical sourcing plays an important part in us being a responsible global organisation and delivering on our promise to our customers.”

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Vivek Ramachandran, CEO of Serai, said, “At Serai, we’re looking to shape the future of supply chains by making it easy for companies to collect and manage complex data to gain in-depth visibility into their global supply chains, and achieve greater transparency. We’re excited to partner with Epic Group on their sustainability journey.”

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Epic Group has manufacturing facilities in Bangladesh, Jordan, Vietnam, and Ethiopia.


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