Epic Group To Set Up Digitized Factory In Jordan

Ranjan Mahtani, Founder & Group Chairman (centre), Sunil Daryanani (left), Dinesh Virwani (right) Joint CEOs

Epic Group recently acquired nearly 25,000 sqmts of land in Jordan to set up another digitized factory on the foundations of Industry 4.0. According to the company, this facility will be dedicated to making synthetic bottoms along with offering nearly 30% duty savings to its US customers. The digitization includes RFID tags for each garment which will help to track WIP, efficiencies, and skill matrixes throughout the process. The company has earmarked an investment of US$ 25 million for this project and the factory is planned to be operational by early 2023.

In December last year, Epic started building its EGMCL Unit-7 at Adamjee EPZ, in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh unit, just like all other new ones, is planned to be a Factory-of-the-Future with a focus on catering to small orders, creating a zero-defect quality level, while doing minimum impact on the environment. This Bangladesh unit will create additional 5,000+ jobs in Adamjee, EPZ.

For over decades, Epic Group has been a key player in the apparel industry – first as a major textiles trading house, then as a leader in sourcing quality fabrics, and since 2005 as a state-of-the-art manufacturing company with facilities in Bangladesh, Jordan, Vietnam and Ethiopia.

By combining speed, efficiency, technology, design and innovation, the company has been a leader in its market segment.


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