HEAT-MX, KIM’S SILK To Jointly Develop Fabrics For Footwear Applications


Canada, Montreal based HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE and Republic of Korea, Busan based KIM’S SILK signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for developing packaged fabrics for footwear applications, combining WASHABLE SILK by KIM’S SILK and HEAT-MX’s award-winning technologies, offering such breakthrough functionalities as high level of breathability, vapour-transmission rate, water-/wind-resistance, etc.

HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE and KIM’S SILK announced that the two organisations entered a partnership agreement by signing the MOU to develop a new material for footwear applications, using WASHABLE SILK developed by the proprietary technology of KIM’S SILK and HEAT-MX’s award-winning technologies.

The two organisations will provide their proprietary technologies of washable, abrasion-resistant and high tenacity silk by KIM’S SILK and HEAT-MX’s breakthrough functionalities such as breathability, high water-vapour transmission, water-resistance, etc., for the project.

“We at HEAT-MX are proud of entering into this important partnership with KIM’S SILK which has been widely recognised for its industry-leading technologies in silk material. Our various HEAT-MX technologies and products have already been successfully adopted for clothes, gloves, footwear, sleeping bags, home textiles, etc., and helped create breakthrough performances never before seen in the industry. We believe that the proprietary technologies of the two organisations joined by the MOU can be a great marriage in creating a new material specifically for footwear applications.  We will make our best efforts to open a new horizon not only for the two organisations, but also for the entire footwear industry”, said Sae Chang, CEO of HEAT-MX WORLDWIDE.

JK Kim, CEO of KIM’S SILK said, “We are very pleased to form this important partnership with HEAT-MX™ and confident that the natural beauty of silk material and proprietary technologies of HEAT-MX will be a great marriage and help us expand the use of the respective material into brand-new applications successfully”.

HEAT-MX™ is a brand of innovative thermal insulation material offering a wide range of products based on performance and application needs of such consumer products as clothes, gloves, footwear, hats, sleeping bags, and home textiles (blankets, pillows, etc.). In addition to the industry leading thermal performances, various product grades in different product categories offer other exceptional performance features such as windproof, water resistance, high level of water-vapour-transmission, odour control, etc.

Since the inception of KIM’S SILK in 1991, the company has been offering “SILK TOTAL LIFE”, providing consumers with a wide range of material options for luxurious lifestyle applications, including various fashion goods such as clothes, neck-ties, scarves, footwear, bags, etc., as well as home textiles such as wall-papers, curtains, furniture, etc., which satisfy international standards for the applicable products.  In order to expand the use of silk material into new applications such as footwear, bags, etc., the company has successfully re-engineered the properties of silk and created such breakthrough performance features as stain-resistance, washability, abrasion resistance, etc. The company’s products are made under eco-friendly manufacturing processes and help designers and manufacturers take advantage of the true beauty of silk material with the enhanced performance features.


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