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Highten special flat belt

Established in 2006, Highten is located in Demon City-Shanghai. Since the beginning, Highten has been devoted to develop, research and offer comprehensive solutions for transmission belts and conveyor belts. Highten has been a one-stop professional supplier and service provider by intergrating global developed application team. The company offers traditional international transmission belts of ODM plant, innovative OEM products and finished products.

Highten focuses on the market needs, with constant development and innovation. The company has collaborations with R&D department and university laboratory as well as international professional laboratory. Highten aims to offer technological solutions for various applications and requirements, because of its outstanding technical talents, industry knowledge and vast experience in manufacturing.

Cooperating with professional scientific institutions like DongHua University, TianJing University and so on, Highten has invented many belts which are patented in their name. Highten collaborates with advance material suppliers from Europe and Japan:Aramide,PA from Toray,the modern material PEBAX (used in ZoomX) from NIKE and many more. The high quality belts are produced with these material with their partners in Amsterdam, Zurich, Milan. Highten has a capacity to produce up to 4MT belts.

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The company’s focus is on supply of high performance flat belts:

  • Flat belt
  • Tangential belt
  • Conveyor belt
  • OMEGA lap belt
  • Cover tape
  • Trash belt
  • Apron tape
  • Printing blanket
  • Crosslapper belt
  • Timing belt
  • Seamless power transmission flat belt
  • PVC & PU ziplink belts,ziplock solution
  • Forming belt
  • Prepress belt
  • HP/XT PU belt
  • Elastonyl Flat belt, Elastonyl timing belt, Pletex belt

In the textile industry, Highten is the original supplier to Rieter, Trutzschler Jingwei, Crosol, Best, Saurer, Taitan, Rifa and many others.

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At 2019 SHANGHAITEX and ITMACH 2019, Highten showcased the following high performance textile flat belts:

  • High Speed High Conductive : High-conductive OE tangential belt GG-OE series, its abrasion-resistant black rubber makes more stable coefficient of friction.
  • In the GG-series, the rubber Highten uses is the specialised XNBR which has abrasion-resistant and anti-ageing properties.
  • The Aramid core which makes Highten the second company possessing the Aramid core tangential belts in the world.

Highten also makes improved wool trash belt, cover tape on TRUTZSCHLER new bale opener, cover tape on unifloc, OMEGAlap belt, etc.

In printing processing, Highten focuses on the high-accurate printing blanket, which improves the accurancy of the printing machines. The company has  developed over 10 kinds of printing blanket that are equipped with almost high-grand China OEM:KEYCHENG, MBK, JEEWONG, DEGAO, JILONE, HUISHENG.

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In October.2019, Highten invested in a new printing blanket fabrication centre, which occupies 5000m2. The stock of the printing blanket width can go up to 4500mm, and on-site jointing machines can be up to more than 20 sets.

Highten will reach a new milestone and offer new and innovative high-performance flat belts in the textile industry.


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