Hipro Metallic Card Clothings Boost Throughput By Up To 10% In Nonwoven Applications

The precise fibre transfer reduces failures in the web by 20%

The superior performance of Graf’s innovative Hipro card clothings boosts production rates with up to 10% higher throughput and greater carding efficiency compared to conventional clothings. Hipro clothings also ensure high web quality that can be reproduced consistently. From hygiene articles through to noise insulation products, they are suitable for any man-made fibre in the nonwoven sector.

The biggest challenge nonwoven manufacturers face is the ability to obtain consistent quality without compromising throughput and process stability for a wide range of raw materials. When clothings are adjusted perfectly and machine conditions are optimized in line with the raw materials and output, configurations can be guaranteed for any application regardless of fibre type, web weight and end product. This is where Hipro metallic card clothings offer customers unmatched flexibility and agility which gives them an enviable advantage in a market poised for healthy growth over the coming years.

Compared to conventional card clothings, Hipro metallic card clothings allow optimal processing with 20% fewer failures thanks to the precise fibre transfer to and from the cylinder. Continuously high process stability provides web quality that can be replicated across any application consistently throughout the entire lifetime of the clothings.

Hipro boosts throughput by up to 10% compared to conventional clothing.

Top-class performance and precision
Thanks to innovative geometries, excellent material, and high-quality workmanship, Hipro metallic card clothings ensure top-class performance and precision as well as robustness.

The specially designed hump at the front of the Hipro teeth significantly increases fibre retention. Depending on the clothing type and application, Graf supplies various steel alloys for toughest demands and greater durability. In addition, a choice of surface finishes is available for different fibre materials – with the option of a specially tailored surface treatment. Graf’s comprehensive product range is so flexible that it ensures a perfect match for any requirement.

Hipro clothing for various applications
Both high-performance and conventional cards can be equipped with Hipro card clothings. They are designed for all man-made fibres in the nonwoven sector and used on various rollers – mainly on workers, doffers, and condenser rollers. Hipro card clothings ensure there is no limit to fibre types and web weights. From standard profiles through to interlinked clothings, they are ideally suited for end products in segments such as hygiene, medical, automotive, filtration, floor coverings, etc.

Hipro metallic card clothings on dedicated rollers increase production by up to 10% thanks to optimised web transfers from the cylinder to the doffer. Moreover, significantly fewer failures occur in the web owing to the precise fibre transfer to and from the cylinder. A highlight is the increased efficiency employees experience thanks to the reduction of the fibre fly.


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