How Krista Jones Created A Second Full Time Business With Sublimation


Making US$ 100,000 in less than a year sounds like a dream. For Krista Jones it was her reality, once she got into sublimation. In 2018, Krista was a typical mom, working a nine to five job. It was then that her sister sold her a used embroidery machine. With a background in the craft, Krista opened an Etsy shop, only to learn that embroidery wasn’t her passion. In an effort to keep her shop open, Krista did some research and found that sublimation was a booming industry. That’s when she bought a Sawgrass 800 printer. “I wasn’t going to mess around with any other machines. I did my research and knew that if I was going to do this then I needed to do it right. That’s why I bought a Sawgrass,” said Krista. By using a mixture of her own unique designs, high end shirts and designs from other Etsy artists, Krista was able to create a product people wanted. In less than one year, she was able to turn sublimation into her second full-time career and makes six figures through her shop, with orders still piling up.

Krista’s shop, Rockledge Designs, has been booming since early 2019 both online and in her local community. She’s become so successful, that she had to buy a second SG800 printer and bring in help. She now has two other women who work for her, one who presses for her during the day, and another who helps run her website. “I used to get excited about getting five orders a day,” Krista laughs. “Now I can’t believe that in such a short amount of time we’ve grown into more than just a mom-and-pop shop!” As of right now, Krista keeps her day job, but says she hopes to turn her sublimation shop into her only full-time career so she can spend more time with her family.


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