Huntsman Textile Effects Introduces TERASIL BLUE W Dye

Terasil Blue W Dye

TERASIL® BLUE W high wash fastness dye raises operational excellence of mills, providing right-first-time results leading to savings of water, energy and costs.

Huntsman Textile Effects introduces TERASIL® BLUE W, the latest addition to its TERASIL® W/WW range of wash fast disperse dyes. TERASIL® Blue W is designed to meet all major requirements for high performance sportswear and athleisure wear.

TERASIL® BLUE W stands out as the leading disperse wash fast blue dye in the market which is not sensitive to reduction, leading to higher reproducibility, right first-time results and operational excellence.

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Polyester fibre has become the fibre of choice in the textile industry, the demand for polyester and man-made fibres is expected to rise over the long term, as sports and athleisure apparel markets expand around the world. At the same time, leading brands, retailers and mills are increasingly focused on achieving brilliant and deep shades, consistent shade reproducibility, as well as water, energy and cost savings.

With cutting-edge disperse dye technology at its heart, TERASIL® BLUE W is developed by Huntsman Textile Effects to provide the leading solution for meeting industry’s wash fastness requirements. TERASIL® BLUE W offers an attractive shade and high build-up for deep blues which stays vibrant. TERASIL® BLUE W also provides quality assurance as products are bluesign® approved and suitable for STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified textile products.

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“TERASIL® BLUE W breakthrough technology raises the benchmark of wash fastness in the industry, helping mills overcome the challenges of dyeing polyester and its blends, while achieving production efficiency and sustainability. We expect our latest offering to support the textile industry’s drive towards higher performance and operational excellence,” said Dhirendra Gautam, Director, Marketing Dyes, Huntsman Textile Effects.

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