IGM 2022 Hosts Leading Garment Machinery Brands For The 27th Time

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IGM 2022 Exhibition, Turkey’s largest show for garment technologies, was held after a long break of four years. The 27th edition of the show was held from September 8-11, 2022 in Istanbul.

IGM 2022- Istanbul 27th International Garment Machinery, Spare Parts and Sub- Industry Exhibition, one of the largest exhibitions in Europe and one of the most important exhibitions in the world, was organised in partnership with Tüyap & Teknik Fairs Inc. and in cooperation with KOMİD – Garment Automation Machinery Manufacturers Association and İNSAD – Istanbul Embroidery Industrialists Association.

Global garment manufacturers were excited to be at IGM 2022, to once again meet the technology suppliers in Istanbul.

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Entire gamut of garment manufacturing technologies at IGM 2022
The IGM 2022 Exhibition, which set out with the slogan ‘‘Let’s Design the Future’’, included all technologies used in garment and ready-to-wear production, from sewing to cutting, ironing systems to packaging, embroidery to printing. In addition, logistics services, hanger and storage systems, quality control machines, as well as all accessories used in production, from sewing thread to buttons and zippers, from fabric to labels, were also on display.

The exhibition breaks record numbers
The IGM Exhibition hosted thousands of visitors and trade delegations from many parts of the world from Europe to Asia, from the Middle East to the Balkans.  Procurement delegations and international visitors from dozens of countries including Germany, Italy, Russia, Lithuania, Albania, Thailand, Poland, Japan, Israel, Ukraine, Qatar, Sweden, Greece, Iran, Azerbaijan, Norway, Malaysia, Australia, Egypt, UAE, France, Georgia, Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Spain, Portugal, Serbia, Vietnam, Belgium, Romania, Colombia,  Indonesia, Nigeria, Kazakhstan, Ethiopia, Uzbekistan, Denmark, Finland, Libya, Austria, Macedonia, Croatia, Tunisia, South Korea, Singapore, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka, Sudan visited the IGM Exhibition.

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In addition, visitors from all over the world, who encounter visa problems when travelling to Europe due to the challenging Schengen visa requirements, prefer IGM 2022 to closely examine the latest technologies and shape their investments since they do not have this problem when coming to Turkey.

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