INARCO Leads Cots & Aprons Market Worldwide


Inaugurated in 1990 by Mr. William Locke, Vice President, Armstrong World Industries Inc, USA , Inarco Bhavnagar, in Gujarat , is the single largest integrated cots and aprons manufacturing unit in South Asia.

In 2016, increased global demand led to the inauguration of a state-of-the-art, intensely automated manufacturing facility next door in Bhojapara, Gujarat. Designed in conjunction with the Kaizen Institute, the highest quality products are assured. Together, these two plants make Inarco the largest cots and aprons manufacturer globally with a daily capacity of 4 lac pieces.

Making Performance Count

Since 2005, the company has worked with the Kaizen Institute and Honeywell Technologies on a host of LEAN, TPM and TQC tools to improve quality, cost and delivery performance. It has developed a very robust “Kaizen Culture” which drives continuous improvement. The Kaizen tools implemented in its factory include: No wonder INARCO is the only cots and aprons manufacturer in the world to be awarded the IMAI operational excellence award (Kaizen Award).

The effective and reliable manufacturing technique backed by state-of-the-art laboratory, rigorous real-time process control checks and continuous drive towards automation ensures highly consistent product performance batch after batch…. lot after lot…. day in and day out.



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