India Imposed Anti-Dumping Duty on Polyester Spun Yarn Originating From China, Indonesia and Vietnam


Directorate General of Foreign Trade Remedies (DGTR) under the Department of Commerce has completed its anti-dumping investigation on polyester spun yarn and recommended imposition of duty on the commodity originating from China, Indonesia and Vietnam. The investigation found that the above countries have exported polyester spun yarn below the normal value, resulting in dumping and severe injury to Indian manufacturers. Thus, DGTR has recommended imposition of anti -dumping duty equal to the lesser of margin of dumping and the margin of injury, to remove the injury to the domestic industry.

The anti-dumping duty imposed on Chinese suppliers ranges from US$ 4-124 per metric ton; on Indonesian suppliers from US$ 65-117 per metric ton and Vietnamese suppliers shall be subjected to US$ 281 per metric ton. The product covered under the polyester spun (HS code 55092100) should be single yarn of polyester containing 97% or more by weight of polyester staple fibres. However, dyed polyester yarn, mélange polyester yarn or colored polyester yarn has been exempted from this anti-dumping duty. Also, polyester spun yarns coarser than 8s counts and finer than 45s counts were not covered under this protection.

Indian polyester spun yarn spinning industry has been relieved of the tight margins caused by cheaper imports and welcomed the imposition of anti-dumping duty. Domestic demand for polyester spun yarn has been estimated at 274948 metric tons in 2019 (January – December 2019) out of which 52204 metric tons were imported.


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