India Is 63rd In Ease Of Doing Business

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In the recently released World Bank report – Ease of Doing Business (EODB) 2020, India has jumped 14 positions now standing at 63 out of 190 nations, compared to 77th rank in the last report.

Multiple economic reforms made by the government has led the jump of 14 positions, but these fell short of catapulting the country in the top 50 economies, which was the government’s target. India is among the top 10 improvers on the list for the third time in a row and is also the largest country to achieve such a significant change in the EODB 2020. The country is now ahead of Ukraine and behind Saudi Arabia in the overall ranking in EODB 2020 and still stands in the first position amongst the other countries in the South Asia region.

India’s rank has notched up by 14 positions as India took steps to improve parameters such as starting a business, dealing with construction permits, trading across borders and resolving insolvency. From January 2020, the World Bank will expand it survey of ease of doing business In India in two more cities – Bengaluru and Kolkata.

The top five countries in ease of doing business 2020 are identical to 2019 report with New Zealand in first place followed by Singapore, Hong Kong, Denmark and South Korea. The US moved up from eighth place in last year’s report to sixth place and the UK moved up slightly from ninth to eighth rank. The top 10 improvers are Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Togo, Bahrain, Tajikistan, Pakistan, Kuwait, China, India and Nigeria.

India climbed one position in starting a business parameter overall. Currently, India is ranked at 136 in EODB 2020 from 137 in DB 2019 report. This has happened as India has abolished filing fees for the SPICe company incorporation form, electronic memorandum of association and articles of association. To start a business in India it now takes 18 days for the investors to complete 10 procedures, & would cost around 7.2% of the income per capita.

Dealing with construction permits parameter, India has jumped 25 positions in the EODB 2020, now standing at 27. Delhi reduced the time and cost of obtaining construction permits and improved building quality control by strengthening professional certification requirements. Mumbai has made it faster and less expensive to get a construction permit.

To get construction permits in India, an investor would be able to complete 15 procedures in 106 days and would cost 4% of the warehouse value. No reforms were made in this parameter.

India has gone up a further two positions in the parameter getting electricity, now standing at 22 in EODB 2020. To get electricity at the business warehouse it would take around 53 days and the investor would have to complete four procedures and the cost would be 28.6% of the income per capita, which is still quite high.

In the parameter registering a property, India has gone up 12 positions, now standing at 154 in EODB 2020. To register a property in India it would take around 598 days to complete nine procedures with a cost of 7.8% of property value.

In paying taxes parameter, India was up four notches, at 115th position in EODB 2020. The country takes 252 hours in a year to complete 11 payments of taxes. The earlier reforms made in the parameter are showing an impact.

India improved its ranking to 68, up 12 positions, in trading across the borders. This happened due to reforms such as enabling post-clearance audits, integrating trade stakeholders on a single electronic platform, upgrading port infrastructures and enhancing electronic submission of documents.

To export a consignment, an investor would require 64 hours to complete documentary and border compliance and would cost around US$ 270 and to import a consignment to India it would take around 85 hours to complete the compliance and would cost US$ 366.

China moves at full throttle to improve EODB
China has performed extremely well in ease of doing business 2020 report and has made reforms in eight parameters. The country has joined the ranks of the world’s top ten improved economies of ease of doing business for the second year in a row. Just a day before the ease of doing business report was released, Chinese government revealed a new reform to optimise its business environment more by taking an important step to unleash and develop productive forces and advance high-quality development. This reform will take effect from January 2020.

China has climbed 15 positions to 31st rank in EODB 2020. In the start-up parameter, China has moved up one notch and now stands at 27. In China, to start a business it would take an investor only nine days to complete four procedures with a cost of 1.1% of income per capita.

In, dealing with construction permits parameter, China stands at 33 in EODB 2020. To get the permits the investor would take around 111 days to complete 18 procedures with a cost of 2.8% of the warehouse value. The country has simplified the requirements for low-risk construction project and has reduced the time to get water and drainage connection. Also to make construction ground safer for all, the government has imposed strict qualification requirements for professionals in charge of technical inspections and verifying architectural plans as well as differentiated building quality supervision schemes.

To get electricity in China for a business would not cost the investors anything, but the investors would have to complete two procedures in 32 days. Here the government has streamlined the application process and increased the transparency of electricity tariff changes.

Registering a property in China has gone down by one position, now standing at 28 in EODB 2020 report. It would take around nine days for an investor to complete four procedures and would cost around 4.6% of the property value.

In paying taxes parameter, the country ranks at 105, up by nine positions in EODB 2020 from 114 in EODB 2019. China introduced a special corporate income tax rate for small enterprises, reduced the value added tax rate for certain industries and enhanced electronic filing and payment system.

For the parameter protecting minority investors, China has gone 36 notches up and stands at 28 in EODB 2020. China now imposes liability on controlling shareholders for unfair related-party transactions and clarifying ownership and control structures.

In trading across the border parameter, China has moved up nine positions at 56 in EODB 2020. China has improved customs administration, upgraded port infrastructure, advance cargo declaration and publishing fee schedules.  In enforcing contracts, China regulated the maximum number of adjournments that can be granted and limiting adjournments to unforeseen and exceptional circumstances.

Bangladesh in top 20 improvers list
Bangladesh has made moderate improvements in the World Bank’s Ease of Doing Business 2020 report. The country has notched up eight positions to 168. Bangladesh made three main reforms in the past year. In starting a business Bangladesh is up by seven positions, standing at 131 in EODB 2020. To start a business in Bangladesh, the investor would need to complete nine procedures, that would take about 20 days, at a cost of 8.7% of the income per capita. Bangladesh made starting a business less expensive by reducing name clearance and registration fees and abolishing the fee for certifying digital certificates.

In getting electricity parameter, Bangladesh moved up three ranks to 176 in EODB 2020. The government has invested in digitisation and human capital in power utilities to speed up electricity connections. The government has also reduced the amount of security deposit for a new connection.

Bangladesh lost its previous rankings in other parameters such as dealing with construction permits, registering a property, protecting minority investors, paying taxes, trading across the borders, enforcing contracts and resolving insolvency.

Saudi Arabia is a top improver In EODB 2020
Saudi Arabia is the world’s most improved economy in the ease of doing business 2020 among 190 countries. The country has climbed up 30 positions, now standing at 62 in EODB 2020 from 92 in DB 2019. The country has made eight reforms in doing business, this shows its commitment to fulfilling a main pillar of its National Vision 2023.

To start a business in Saudi Arabia, the investor can fulfill 3.5 procedures in just four days. In this parameter the country ranks 38 in EODB 2020. Here the country established a one-stop shop that merged several pre- and post-registration procedures. It also eliminated the requirement for married women to provide additional documents when applying for a national identity card.

To get construction permits in Saudi Arabia it would take around 100 days to complete 14 procedures and cost 1.9% of the warehouse value. The country ranks 28 in this parameter. Here the country has launched an online platform and enabled civil defence approval after the issuance of the building permit. Getting electricity in Saudi Arabia is made easier by streamlining connection works and meter installation, by using a geographic information system to review new electrical connection requests and by no longer requiring certificates of completion.

In the parameter the country ranks 18 in EODB 2020. Here it would take only 35 days to complete two procedures and would cost 1.9% of warehouse value.

Saudi Arabia has strengthened access to credit by introducing a secured transactions law and an insolvency law. The new law provides secured creditors with absolute priority inside bankruptcy, allows all types of debts and obligations to be secured between the parties and allow out-of-court enforcement of security interests. The country has increasing access to evidence at trial for minority investors. Under the paying taxes the country has introduced VAT (value added tax).

Saudi Arabia made importing and exporting faster by enhancing its electronic trade single window, enabling risk-based inspections, launching an online platform for certification of imported goods and upgrading infrastructure at the Jeddah Port.  The enforcing contracts are made easier by publishing court performance measurement reports and information on the progress of cases through the court.

Turkey moves up 10 positions to 33
Turkey climbed 10 positions up in the overall ranking of DB 2020 report as the country has made two reforms in registering property and paying taxes parameter. The country stands at 33 in EODB 2020 from 43 in EODB 2019 report.

To start a business in Turkey, an investor would need to fulfil seven procedures which takes just about seven days. In this parameter the country has climbed only one position up to 77 in EODB 2020.

To register property in Turkey the investor would takes about five days to complete six procedures and would cost around 3% of the property value.

The country ranks 27 for the parameter in EODB 2020. The Turkish government has made property registration less expensive by temporarily reducing mortar changes to transfer property and it has also reduced the time to obtain tax assessment. In the parameter of paying taxes, investors would need around 170 hours to complete ten payments in a year and the tax amount would be around 42.3% of the total profit earned in a year. The country stands at 26 rank in EODB 2020 and has modified the value added tax code to exempt certain capital investments from value added tax.

Indonesia remains at 73rd rank
Indonesia ranking remains unchanged at 73 in EODB 2020, despite efforts to attract investment in the country and reforms made in five parameters – starting a business, getting electricity, paying taxes, trading across the borders and enforcing contracts.

In starting a business parameter, Indonesia ranks at 140 in EODB 2020, down by six positions from 134 in EODB 2019. To start a business in the country, the investor would need to fulfill 11 procedures in 13 days and would cost around 5.7% of the income per capita. Under this parameter, the country has introduced an online platform for business licensing and replacing hard copies with electronic certificates.

In getting electricity the country stands at 33 in EODB 2020 and would take 32 days to get an electric connection with four procedures to complete. Here the country has improved the reliability of power supply following renovations and enhanced maintenance of its electrical systems, and higher generation capacity. In paying taxes, the country stands at 81 in EODB 2020. An investor can complete 26 payments in around 191 hours in a year. Indonesia has introduced an online filing and payment systems for major taxes. In trading across the borders, the country has improved the online process of export customs declaration. Indonesia ranks 116 in EODB 2020, here.

Enforcing contracts parameter ranking for the country stands at 139 in EODB 2020. It takes around 403 days to get enforced contracts done and would cost around 70.3% of the claim value. The parameter has improved by introducing an electronic case management system for judges.

Cambodia slips in EODB ranking
Cambodia slipped six ranks now positioned at 144 EODB 2020 from 138 in EODB 2019. The country has made no positive reforms to improve the ease of doing business. Changes made in starting a business have made it more difficult to business. This is the fourth time in a row that Cambodia has slipped its overall ranking in Doing Business 2020 report.

The report states that the country ranking in starting a business parameter has gone down by two positions, standing at 187 in EODB 2020. It takes 99 days to complete just nine procedures to start a business. It has become more expensive to start a business in Cambodia as the cost associated with business registration has increased at the Ministry of Labour and Vocational Training.

Vietnam slips one rank down in EODB 2020
Vietnam’s rank in ease of doing business in 2020 fell by one rank to 70. According to the report, Vietnam has made reforms in getting credit and paying taxes. In Southeast Asia, Vietnam’s ranking is the lowest compared to other economies – Singapore (2nd), Malaysia (12th), Thailand (21st) and Brunei (66th).

To start a business in Vietnam it would take the investor 16 days to complete eight procedures. For this parameter, the ranking has gone down by 11 positions, now standing at 115 in DB 2020 from 104 in DB 2019. No reforms have been made in this parameter.

Vietnam made paying taxes easier by upgrading the information technology infrastructure. This reform has brought the parameter up by 22 positions, now making the country stand at 109 in EODB 2020 from 131 in DB 2019. Getting credit parameter ranking in this year’s report climbed seven positions to 25 in DB 2020 from 32 in DB 2019. The country improved access to credit information and now also distributing data from retailers.

Pakistan takes a big leap
In the overall ranking of ease of doing business 2020 report, Pakistan jumped 28 positions, standing at 108 in EODB 2020 from 136 in DB 2019, but missing the target of being in the top 100 list. The country is among the world’s top 10 improvers in ease of doing business.

The report also confirms that the country has made six reforms in starting a business, dealing with construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, paying taxes and trading across the borders. In staring a business, the country ranks 72 in EODB 2020 and it would take around 17 days to complete five procedures with a cost of 6.7% of the income per capita. Pakistan made the procedures available online, and also abolished the labour department registration fee.

For dealing with construction permits, the country stands at 112 and it takes 125 days to complete 17 procedures with a cost of 8.8% of warehouse value. Here the permit approval process has been streamlined and the government has also made construction safer by ensuring that building quality inspections take place regularly.

They have also improved the operational efficiency of its one-stop shop for construction permitting. Getting electricity has improved over last year as the parameter is made easier by enforcing service delivery time frames and by launching an online portal for new applications.  They have also increased the transparency of electricity tariff changes. The country stands at 123 ranks in EODB 2020.

Property registration is made faster by making it easier to execute and register a deed at the Office of the Sub-Registrar. Government has also increased transparency of the land administration systems. The parameter ranks at 151 in EODB 2020. Pakistan has made paying taxes easier by introducing online payment modules for value added tax and corporate income tax, and less costly by reducing the corporate income tax rate. This parameter ranks at 161 in EODB 2020.

And in trading across the border the country has enhanced the integration of various agencies in the Web-Based One Customs (WEBOC) electronics systems and coordinated joint physical inspection at the port. This parameter stands at 111.


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