Indian Kurti Now Available With Polygiene ViralOff Technology


Igyne Fashion, Indian producer of kurtis, western and semi-western tops, as well as other typical Indian traditional garments, is launching their first kurtis with Polygiene ViralOffTM anti-microbial technology starting from summer season 2021. The products are distributed via web stores, general and own retail as well as wholesale, covering all of India. Production will continue in the coming seasons, and volumes are planned to increase.

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“We have chosen Polygiene ViralOff* technology to add value to our products. For us, the sustainable approach of Polygiene plays a key role, as well as its reliable service and consistently high quality. We have seen an increased demand of products with anti-microbial effect during the pandemic,”, says Abhay Dahale, founder of Igyne Fashion.

“The potential is big for these types of garments commonly used across India, as well as the entire South Asia. Demand of anti-microbial textiles has increased during this tough time of the pandemic, and it has put Polygiene on the map in India. Additionally, we also see that our main business of Polygiene Stays Fresh technologies is coming back in the Indian market, that saw strong growth even before the pandemic”, says Ulrika Björk, CEO, Polygiene.

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