ITMF Awards 2022


At the ITMF Annual Conference 2022 which was held in Davos, Switzerland and was co-hosted by Swiss Textiles and Swiss Textile Machinery, ITMF presented for the first time the ITMF Awards. The ITMF Awards 2022 were granted in two categories – “Sustainability & Innovation” and “International Cooperation”.

Winners of the 2022 ITMF Sustainability & Innovation Awards were (alphabetical order):

  1. Cathay Biotech Inc. with Donghua University (China)
  2. Far Eastern New Century Corporation (Chinese Taipei)
  3. Gama Recycle Sustainable Technologies Inc. (Türkiye)
  4. Grupo Malwee (Brazil)
  5. Lenzing AG (Austria)
  6. Mahmood Group (Pakistan)
  7. PSG College of Technology (India)
  8. Recover – Circular Fashion for All (Spain)
  9. Sedo Engineering (Switzerland)
  10. The Hong Kong Research Institute of Textiles and Apparel (Hong Kong, China)
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The ITMF International Cooperation Award was presented to these companies (alphabetical order):

  1. Bossa (Türkiye)
  2. Coloro (China)
  3. Ekoten Tekstil & (Türkiye)
  4. Euratex (Belgium)
  5. Säntis Textiles (Singapore) & Kipas Textiles (Türkiye)
  7. Texfor (Spain)
  8. Wiser Globe (Türkiye)
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