LMW Showcases Its Latest Innovations At ITM, 2022

Card LC 636 S

Lakshmi Machine Works Limited (LMW) is showcasing its latest innovations at International Textile Machinery Exhibition, ITM 2022, in Istanbul, Turkey from 14-18 June, 2022.

ITM Turkey is an important trade fair in the region, for textile machinery and solution providers to exhibit the latest offerings in their portfolio.

LMW is showcasing the following solutions :

  • Latest carding solution (Card LC636S)
  • Futuristic ring spinning solution  (Ring FrameLRJ9/SX)

LMW started operations in Turkey in 1996 and today has a strong foothold with half a million spindles installed. The company recently installed end-to-end spinning solutions at various mills in Kahramanmaras, Adana and Corlu and more of similar comprehensive projects are works-in-progress for the current year as well. LMW has a well-equipped, dedicated service centre and spares hub at Kahramanmaras for immediate assistance to customers. “Our machines and solutions are tailor-made to suit the unique needs of Turkish textile sector which focuses on high value-added in spinning and garments,” said the company.

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The company boasts of a well-equipped R&D centre, manned by accomplished specialists, who are driving automation and innovation to meet customer and industry expectations and trends.

Smart RF

Automation focused on reducing dependence on skilled manpower
LMW is constantly working to reduce dependence on skilled manpower by introducing innovative solutions with the right balance of automation and ergonomics. Some of its widely accepted offerings include :

  • Auto blend LA 10 in Blowroom for automatic blending of various material
  • Automatic Lap Transportation System (LTS)
  • Auto doffer Speedframe
  • Roving Transportation System (RTS)
  • Ring Frame Auto Piecing (RAP)
  • Spin Connect
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Innovation for improving profitability
Achieving higher profit margins depends on the spinners’ ability to successfully manage the volatility in cost of raw material, manpower and yarn. LMW’s smart series compact Ring FrameLRJ9/SX has in-built flexibility to produce customised value-added yarn to meet the said challenges effectively.

The Card LC 636 S helps achieve consistent quality with higher precision, seamless production and higher output with in-built CDS (Card Drafing System) for shortened airjet and open-end processes. LMW’s unique Fixfil with bigger can diameter of up to 48” (1200 mm) helps increase machine efficiency.

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