Mesdan Will Display At Two Locations At India ITME


MESDAN® S.p.A., an Italy-based renowned manufacturer of yarn splicers and laboratory quality control equipment, will be displaying its latest technologies at two locations during India ITME 2022.

Hall 14, stand A2B1, the corporate booth (Savio-Vandewiele group)
On this booth, Mesda will display MOISTAIR splicers, the new fully automatic strength tester AUTOFIL as well as the AQUALAB for the instantaneous measurement of moisture and regain.

Hall 15, stand C14, its agent Rampimpex booth
Here, Mesda will display its MARTINDALE (abrasion and pilling tester), BURSTMATIC (pneumatic bursting tester), ELMATIC ( automatic tear tester) and TENSOLAB 4 (semiautomatic strength tester for fibres, yarns, fabrics and garments).

Founded in 1952 in Salò (lake Garda), in the early 60’s and 70’s it became well known worldwide for the precise craftsmanship of its mechanical hand knotters. In the early 80’s Mesdan shifted to knotless yarn joining technology, implemented first on automatic winding machine. This new development gave a tremendous impact to the knotless yarn joining expansion. Today, Mesdan is considered an unrivalled leader in yarn splicing technology.

In 1990, Mesdan established the MESDAN-LAB division which registered a fast growth, spanning from fibre testing to dyeing & finishing. Nowadays a series of Mesdan-Lab equipment is considered a benchmark of testing, a reference standard. In 2013 Mesdan entered the SAVIO group and during 2021 the entire SAVIO group was acquired by VANDEWIELE from Belgium, a world leader in mechatronics solutions (combination of mechanical and electronics engineering) to serve textile and electronics customers around the world. 2022 will be marked by the adoption of a new look (like the new logo) in harmony with the companies of the VdW group.

The product catalogue of YARN JOINING DIVISION includes a full range of automatic splicing solutions for SAVIO winders: Jointair, Aquasplicer, Hot Jointair and Moistair as well as a complete range of hand-operated splicers and knotters conceived for all the production processes downstream of winding, such as doubling, twisting, rewinding, hank-to-cone, weaving, knitting, etc. Apart from yarn designated for garments, Mesdan splicers are spread in all industries that have something to do with textiles, like tyre cord, sewing threads, cable reinforcement, ropes & fishing nets, umbilicals, medical and disposable hygiene industry, technical yarns/roving (made of fibreglass, carbon fibre, aramid), automotive, etc. 

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MESDAN-LAB is one of very few textile laboratory equipment suppliers offering such a comprehensive range of testing equipment: for fibre, yarn, fabrics, nonwovens, garments… both physical analysis as well as dyeing and finishing assessment including all kinds of colour fastness testing. Mesdan-Lab does also supply standard consumables as well as Calibration services.

In 2019 Mesdan acquired the ISO 17025 standard, the highest level of accreditation enabling to operate like a Calibration Laboratory (known as LAT). This entitles Mesdan to issue Calibration Certificates (for the accredited parameters/equipment) which validity is equivalent to a document issued by a legal national metrological laboratory.

Latest novelties:

  • CONTEST-F2, to test cotton classification values like length, strength, elongation, micronaire, maturity, fineness, colour and trash;
  • CONTEST-S, to test cotton stickiness (honeydew). The thermo-mechanical Mesdan stickiness testing method has received full recognition by the ITMF-ICCTM;
  • upgrade of the popular “MINI SPINNING” line, designed for sampling and R&D purposes has recently found a wide application in textile recycling, providing a second life to expensive materials (like cashmere) or polluting materials (like carbon fibres);
  • new strength testers, AUTODYN 3 and AUTOFIL. The former to test automatically 1 yarn bobbin and the latter to test automatically 24 yarn bobbins.

NEW generation MESDAN-LAB tensile strength testers –  a complete range 
The revision of the popular TENSOLAB semi-automatic single-column strength tester was announced during the last ITMA with the introduction of the 4th generation, the TENSOLAB 4.

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TENSOLAB 4 replaced the former model which several hundreds were sold worldwide in the past 20 years.

The new TENSOLAB 4 embodies a combination of the best ingredients – latest technology, best electronics, new software and new accessories, stunning performances (in terms of capacity, versatility, accuracy and testing efficiency), Italian design. The new TENSOLAB 4 represents the forefront of testing flexibility, being configurable for testing any kind of textile and leather material, from single and bundle fibres up to garment accessories and technical fabrics.

Based on the new structure of TENSOLAB 4, a new single-position automatic version was developed, the AUTODYN 3, endowed with the automatic yarn-loading device – ideal for the automatic multiple testing of a single bobbin/yarn package. It can be used in the semi-automatic mode as well for testing all other materials, such as  fibres, threads, skeins, fabrics, etc.

And finally the latest innovation, the AUTOFIL, a fully automatic 24 positions yarn strength tester. The integrated automatic cop feeding system, the built-in PC, its versatile applications, compact design and high testing speed are only a few features that characterise the new AUTOFIL.

To complete the range, Mesdan offers two models of double column heavy-duty strength testers, TENSOLAB 1000 (10KN capacity) and TENSOLAB 5000 (50KN capacity), designed for high tenacity technical yarns and fabrics, ropes, straps and similar heavy materials.

Last but not least, the third generation of the well-known portable SPLICE SCANNER. The first model was launched 25 years ago, its success and popularity are unrivaled, from spinning to dye-houses.

MOISTAIR®  6981A – 6982A for knotless joining of multi-fold coarse & fine yarns
Innovative hand-operated air splicers endowed with precise water-moistening dosage, double joining blast and characterised by outstanding versatility spanning from pure cotton to pure synthetics, from fine to multi-fold coarse counts improving both the strength consistency as well as the splice appearance.

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Developed following the long experience gained in the field of automatic winding applications.

  • Combined with the A.T.S. rail system, the hand-operated MOISTAIR® can achieve either only linear or also vertical movement (the later important for creel applications).
  • MOISTAIR® 6981A is suitable for single and plied cotton (ring and O.E), blends and synthetics, core yarns, with medium/fine counts, within a range from Ne 5 to 110.
  • MOISTAIR® 6982A, ideal for the coarse cotton counts (both ring and O.E.), particularly for the multi-fold yarns, with a final range from Ne 1,2 to 16.

Mesdan-Lab recently introduced AQUALAB, an innovative instrument based on low frequency microwave technology designed for an instantaneous and accurate assessment of regain, moisture content and commercial weight in textiles. It allows high volume control of moisture throughout every stage of the textile chain.

Main features:

  • sample weighting not required
  • extremely fast (just few seconds for each test)
  • perfect correlation with traditional oven drying system (Delta 0,999)
  • non- destructive method (no material waste)
  • maintenance free, no parts wear
  • no calibration needed
  • low energy consumption (only 0,1Kwh versus 8Kwh of a traditional regain oven)
  • very simple operation, no skill required to use Aqualab
  • ITMF and ICCTM recognized. The ITMF International Committee on Cotton Testing Methods (ICCTM) gave full recognition to AQUALAB during the International Bremen Cotton Conference in 2014.
  • IWTO accreditation under process.


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