Mimaki Eurasia At ITM 2022 With The Most Advanced Digital Textile Printing Solutions

Hüseyin Şarerler, Mimaki Eurasia Area Sales Manager

Mimaki Eurasia, with its comprehensive portfolio of sublimation and direct printing solutions for the textile industry, will emphasize its leading power in the market at ITM 2022. Visitors at ITM 2022 can directly experience the benefits of Mimaki technologies and get inspired for new applications.

Mimaki, the leading brand of wide-format inkjet printers and cutting plotters, will meet with the textile industry at ITM 2022, to be held at TÜYAP on June 14-18.
Four textile printers will be presented at the Mimaki booth in the biggest textile technologies exhibition of the region, taking place after a four-year interval:

  • TS100-1600 sublimation transfer printer
  • TS55-1800 sublimation transfer printer
  • Tx300P-1800B direct-to-textile printer
  • TS330-1600 sublimation transfer printer

Mimaki’s comprehensive solutions for sublimation and direct-to-textile printing
Mimaki’s TS55-1800 sublimation transfer printer, one of the most demanded models in the market recently, has increased its investment attractiveness with its updated price. This printer reduces operating costs thanks to the new 2 litre cost-effective inks and increases productivity with a single pass printing speed of 140 m2 per hour.

TS100-1600, another sublimation transfer printing solution, is the most advantageous option for the entry segment. TS100-1600, reaching print speeds of up to 70 m2 per hour, is equipped with all the necessary functions for low-volume print production on demand. TS100-1600 uses a media take-up system that supports rolls up to 45 kg and has the power to enable mass production at the same time.

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Mimaki TS100-1600 sublimation transfer printer

The TS330-1600 sublimation transfer printer will be presented to the Turkish market for the first time at ITM 2022 and be one of the focal points of the Mimaki Eurasia booth as well. This innovative printer in the 330 Series was introduced to the market in the first months of 2022 and can reach speeds of 135 m2 per hour. Error-free colour reproduction is guaranteed and superior colour and print quality are achieved thanks to the innovative Mimaki Weaving Dot Technology (MWDT).

Proving its expertise in direct-to-fabric printing, Mimaki will also include the Tx300P-1800B direct-to-textile printer at its booth. This blanket printer makes it possible to print high-quality large volumes on flexible fabrics with a printing speed of up to 53 m2 per hour. Tx300P-1800B is able to work with sublimation, disperse, reactive, acid and pigment dyes and is preferred for dozens of different applications from fashion and clothing products to upholstery fabrics, from bedspreads to curtains.

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Mimaki consolidates its leadership as the textile industry rapidly digitizes
According to Mimaki Eurasia Area Sales Manager Hüseyin Şarerler, “Digital printing has become an indispensable technology for the textile and clothing industry. Printing possibilities and operational efficiency that could not be achieved with traditional methods have become accessible with digital printing. Thanks to the advanced printing process, the time between order and product delivery dates has decreased from months/weeks to days. Increasing personalisation demands can be met and there is no longer a necessity such as high volume. Digital textile printing is completed easily and error-free in a few steps, increasing the competitiveness of the industry. Mimaki consolidates its leading position in the market day by day with advanced and innovative solutions demanded by the textile industry in this transformation process.”

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Şarerler further stated that Mimaki printers offer investment and operating cost advantages in textile printing. “Our textile printers, equipped with special Mimaki Core Technologies, can be used safely and comfortably for numerous different applications such as clothing, decoration, home textiles, industrial advertising and so on. We support the growth of the Turkish textile industry and create added value with our digital printing solutions. Orders can be produced at a lower cost and in less time. Textile manufacturers’ concerns about quality and efficiency are ending thanks to Mimaki engineering,” he said.


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