New Can Filling Station T-MOVE impresses Veltex Cotton Mills


There cannot be a better reason for Veltex Cotton Mills, Tirupur, to be happy with T-MOVE, a novel can changer from Truetzschler. The mill has purchased the latest Truetzschler TC 10 cards with T-MOVE.  P Vasanthakumar, Director of Veltex says that they easily gain about 3-4% more production in TC 10 cards just because of T-MOVE!

Veltex Cotton Mills, an associate company of the highly reputed Sri Manivel Tex, Tirupur, was founded in 2008.  The mill now runs cotton fibres and produce 4000 kg/hr on their 7 OE machines of 240 drums each. The average count is Ne 20s.

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T-MOVE is an innovative approach to can changing. Here, the cans are stationary during can change and the coiler shifts from the filled can to the empty can instead.

The benefits of T-MOVE include:

  • Quick change of the filling position
  • Gentler sliver coiling
  • Increased delivery speed during can change
  • Less space requirement
  • Best result when used with JUMBO cans of 1200 mm diameter
  • Increased card efficiency
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“There is no need to keep more distance between the card and the next card as the T-MOVE is placed directly in front of the card. This results in considerable amount of space savings”, adds Vasanthakumar, who was all praise for the innovative technologies that Truetzschler offers to its customers.

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