Pratibha Syntex Is Committed To Water Conservation And Its Reuse


While Union government kicked off Jal Shakti Abhiyan, a water conservation initiative that would focus on renovation of water bodies, regulating industrial consumption, harvesting rainwater and reuse of wastewater, Pratibha Syntex in Pithampur is already working for inclusive water conservation criteria.

“Considering the fact that textile industry is the second largest pollutant of water after oil and gas industry it is our responsibility to make adequate reuse of water”, said Amrit Pal Singh Chhabra, head, engineering department.  “We have installed latest ETP, STP and rainwater harvesting plants in our campus”, he added.

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Pratibha Syntex recycles 100% of waste water from its dye house through its state-of-the-art effluent treatment plant and four-stage RO. “With the treatment, we are recovering 97% of water, which is infused back in the dyeing processes again. Remaining 3% of water gets evaporated by three stage multi-stage evaporators,” informed Chhabra.

The latest technology Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) in the campus uses domestic waste generated through 2000 people residing in the campus. This waste water is treated to generate 68% of recovery. The recovered water is used in boiler and to top up the dye house requirement. The remaining 32% water is used for gardening and humidification plant.

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“We have developed rainwater harvesting plant at our garmenting unit, with the capacity to collect 4800 kilo litre of water. The water is utilised to increase the water level of the earth there,” said Chhabra.

In the process of recycling, reusing and recharging of water, Pratibha Syntex has reduced its fresh water consumption from 1400 kilolitre per day in 2010-11 to 500 kilo litre per day as on date, confirmed Chhabra. Because of its efforts in water conservation, the Pollution Control Board has feted the company with Madhya Pradesh State Level Environment Award in the year 2018. Pratibha Syntex is zero liquid discharge compliant facility, and does not discharge any pollutants into the environment.

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