Rabatex Fabric Sampling Machine Lends A Lot Of Versatility To Our Production

Rabatex fabric sampling machine offer unmatched performance, versatility and economy, says Biman Panda, AVP, Shahi Exports

Shahi Exports was among the first to invest in Rabatex fabric sampling machines. Shahi and other big textile producers in India are generally known to invest in foreign technologies. Says Biman Panda, AVP, Shahi Exports, “There is one important deciding factor – performance. Rabatex machines match the performance of the other competing suppliers. So for us, the decision was easy… Rabatex it was.”

According to Mr Panda, while the performance has been extraordinary, the Rabatex fabric sample machine offers a lot more. “The fabric sampling machine offers 2-16 colour options that can be mounted at the same time, unlike other machines that allow just one colour at a time. This has resulted in saving a lot of time. Yarn consumption is lower too with the Rabatex machine.”

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And that’s not all.

“We are able to get perfect quality. Usually for sampling, we have to run the machines at low speed, the tension of the beam is difficult to adjust all the while. In contrast, with Rabatex fabric sampling machine, the beam tension is perfect, and so we can make samples perfectly and quickly.”

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Rabatex fabric sampling machine is indeed quite versatile. “We have been able to produce with yarns of 6-80s counts, yarns of various fibres – cotton, PC, viscose, cotton linen blend, etc. What’s more, the machine can be used to make small lots in bulk – I can now make 200-400 meters of fabric of a particular design, competitively. And it has a 7 lease option, so we can do sizing after warping; again making it easier and economical to take up small bulk production. This means we can take up orders for smaller lots too,” said Mr Panda.

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In a world where fast fashion still rules, Rabatex fabric sampling machine thus helps weavers to make design oriented small lots efficiently, competitively.


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