Renewcell Starts World’s First Textile-To-Textile Recycling Plant


Swedish recycling company Renewcell started the world’s first commercial scale 100% textile-to-textile recycling plant in Sundsvall, Sweden last month on August 19.

Work started on 1st July 2021 and after modifying the site needs, Renewcell began the building erection in October 2021 and completed it in 10 months. After several test runs with water, the plant has now switched to textile waste that is running through sections of the process line for quality assurance and adjustments. The company expects the full process line to be operational in September 2022 itself. The capacity for the first half of 2022 is estimated at 60,000 metric tons and double that by 2023/24.

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“While our production start marks a significant milestone in the global history of textiles, it also causes me to reflect on the massive achievements made by the team that built this plant,” said Renewcell CEO Patrik Lundström when commenting on the interim report of the second quarter 2022 at the end of August.

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