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Rieter’s customised solutions for ring and compact spinning

Rieter is further upgrading its end spinning product range with the new ring spinning machines G37 and G38 and the new compact spinning machines K47 and K48.

Rieter is the leading supplier of ring and compact spinning machines. Customers particularly appreciate the high productivity, low energy consumption and consistent excellent yarn quality. The two models established on the market, the ring spinning machine G 32 and the compact spinning machine K42, have been joined by four new models – the ring spinning machines G37 and G38 and the compact spinning machines K47 and K 48. But which machine is the best choice for which market? What advantages do the new models offer? And how will Rieter customers benefit?

Choosing the right spinning machine
The machines G38 (Fig.1) and K48 are particularly suitable for markets which have limited personnel availability and which require particularly high levels of flexibility and yarn quality simultaneously. With these “all-inclusive models,” customers benefit from the highest levels of automation, the best performance, complete flexibility for standard and special yarns, an electronic drafting system drive, integrated individual spindle monitoring (ISM premium) and the integrated slub yarn device.

The G37 and K47 were developed for markets where there is not a shortage of available personnel and the requirements for flexibility and yarn quality are high. They provide customers with a high level of flexibility thanks to their unrestricted application range at full machine length and for all special yarns. The electronic drafting system drive reduces downtime for article change. The integrated individual spindle monitoring, ISM basic, increases operator efficiency – and therefore machine efficiency.

For customers who rarely change their assortment and who are active in markets where personnel are always available, the 2 series machines are the ideal solution. The proven ring spinning machine G32 and compact spinning machine K42 with mechanical drafting system drive are ideal for standard applications with medium and fine yarn counts.

Outstanding performance
The machine concept for the G38 and K48, which features double-sided suction, allows unrestricted spinning for all applications at full machine length. Thanks to the integrated VARIOspin system for slub yarns, customers can change between standard and slub yarns simply at the touch of a button. The machines are equipped with the electronic drafting system drive FLEXIdraft as standard. FLEXIdraft makes it easier to set yarn parameters. The desired values can be entered directly on the operating unit. Unlike with the G32 and the K42, there is no need to make mechanical adjustments. This reduces downtime for article change from 75 minutes to 5 minutes and maximises production time.

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The premium version of the individual spindle monitoring (ISM) is also integrated (Fig.2), meaning customers can save personnel costs by 5% and more compared to the 2 series. The three-stage indicator concept, which features signal lamps on the ends of the machine and LEDs at every spinning position and section, controls the running behaviour of each individual spinning position, optimises operator guidance and increases machine efficiency. The customer can access important data directly on the operating unit of the machine. Detailed evaluations are possible on request with the spinning mill monitoring system SPIDERweb. All the applications given for both models can be produced at maximum machine length. Both models were designed in Switzerland.

The new machines G37 and K47 also offer the electronic drafting system drive FLEXIdraft. The extremely quick downtime for article change of under five minutes when changing to another yarn count increases the productivity of the machine. Both models are equipped with the integrated basic version of the individual spindle monitoring-ISM basic -as standard. Thanks to LEDs at every spinning position and every section, customers can save around 3% on personnel costs. At the customer’s request, the machines can also be supplied with ISM premium.

Compact spinning with unbeatably low energy requirements
For customers who want fully compacted yarns of the highest quality with maximum strength, the Rieter compact spinning machines K42, K47 and K48 are the best solution. Their unbeatably low energy requirements for compaction are outstanding: Less than one watt per spindle, just 20% of that of other solutions. In addition to the well-known sieve drum, the main reasons for this are the large cross-section of the central suction duct and the air guide element Detect, which guides the air flow in a specific manner (Fig.3).

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The air guide element Detect, the sieve drum and the suction insert are also at the heart of the Rieter compact spinning machines. They form the basis for the unique air routing and the guarantee of fully compacted yarns. The air guide element also simultaneously monitors quality by creating deviations from the air flow and therefore from the vacuum. When a limit value is reached, a marking on the air guide element indicates that the compacting unit needs checking (Fig. 4). This monitoring allows a consistently high yarn quality.

With all compact spinning machines, there is no need to replace compacting aprons: therefore machine downtime is avoided. Increased efficiency can be achieved as a result, making it simpler to plan production.

One notable difference between the two new models and the existing K42 is the expanded application range. The K47 and the K48 are equipped with a new sieve drum, which now allows customers to spin blends containing polyester and 100% viscose alongside cotton (Fig.5).

Opportunities for even more flexibility
The flexibility of customers, i.e. quick adaptation to market requirements, is a key criterion for remaining competitive today. Systems for producing soft and dual-core yarns, as well as twin yarns, are available for all ring and compact-spinning machines on request. A quality package, also known as the Q-Package, offers cotton spinners the opportunity to improve their already-optimized quality yarns even further (Fig.6). Rieter offers various solutions for ring and compact-spinning machines which allow the reliable and productive processing of man-made fibers.

The “EliTe® compact spinning system” is available as an option on the three conventional ring spinning machines G32, G37 and G38. It can also be retrofitted at a later date. The system facilitates the production of high-quality compact yarns. It covers all yarn counts and can also be used for 100% polyester.

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The combination of the unique Rieter spinning geometry with high-quality technology components forms the basis for extremely high spindle speeds. This ensures consistently good yarn quality at maximum production.

The new LENA spindle and the highly efficient 110-kW motor that drives the spindles offer further significant energy savings on the four new models. Both are available as options.

Minimal workload
The new tube loader ROBOload “wild loading” is available as an option for the G37, G38, K47 and K48 (Fig.7). It is now performing the task of sorting the tubes. There is no need for manual alignment. The tubes are placed in a trolley at the end of the machine. A tilting unit dumps the tubes into the ROBOload; another device automatically aligns the tubes and guides them correctly to the cop transport system SERVOdisc, significantly reducing manual effort. For existing models of the G32 and K42, Rieter offers suitable solutions with RieterAfter Sales.

Keeping the well-proven
Well-known, successful solutions will remain an integral part of both the ring and compact spinning machines. Such as the SERVOgrip system, for example. This prevents thread underwinding when doffing, and thus keeps the machine clean, thereby ensuring yarn quality. All models are still equipped with the reliable and low-maintenance cop transport system SERVOdisc. The customer saves energy here, as the conveyor belt is driven not pneumatically, but by two electric motors.

(Andreas Hellwig is Head, Product Management, Ring & Compact Spinning Machines & Systems. andreas.hellwig@rieter.com)


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