Sinowin Chemical Fiber Starts Construction Of Nylon 66 Project

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On May 6 2022, the groundbreaking ceremony of Sinowin Chemical Fiber’s nylon 66 industrial products project was held in Henan Special Nylon Town Industrial Park.

The project, designed with an annual output of 80,000 tons of nylon 66 industrial products, is the second project started in the special nylon town in the year of 2022, and is also the single project with the highest investment intensity and highest output value.

The total investment of the project is 3 billion yuan (around US$ 445.5 million). The production focuses on high-performance composite materials for vehicles, and products will be mainly used in new energy vehicles, racing cars, aerospace and other fields.

After the project is completed and put into production, the annual increase in profits and taxes is estimated to be 600 million yuan, and more than 200 people will be employed.

On March 1, Sinowin Chemical Fiber held the groundbreaking ceremony for the 20 KTA nylon 66 special functional fibre intelligent demonstration plant project, in Qi County, Hebi City, Henan Province.


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