SPGPrints Proves Its Commitment To Sustainability


Society has become increasingly aware that certain chemicals are extremely damaging to human health and the environment. SPGPrints has always taken responsibility to find the most sustainable printing solutions and has been working to meet all common sustainability standards with their digital printing products meant for textiles. In that light, SPGPrints has opted to comply to one of the youngest and most progressive sustainability initiatives: the ZDHC Foundation Roadmap to Zero Program.

The ZDHC Foundation has created a platform where companies within the sports, fashion, luxury and outdoor industries work closely together to phase out the usage of hazardous substances. Intensive testing of all reactive inks for digital printing of textiles from SPGPrints, followed by a recent audit, performed by a third-party, has resulted in the highest possible ZDHC compliance: the level 3 conformance. This clearly shows that SPGPrints greatly contributes to the ZDHC’s ideal.

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“The ZDHC platform enables SPGPrints to show that they are doing their very best to create a process that is as sustainable as possible,” explains Fred Schmitz, Product Stewardship & Regulatory Compliance (PS&RC) Specialist at SPGPrints. “You should meet customers’ wishes, but at the same time create results that are not harmful to human health and the environment.” SPGPrints strives for high-value printers that contribute to sustainability, being eco-friendly and qualitative at the same time.

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For companies like SPGPrints, the audit system of the ZDHC is a suitable method to display products and services that comply with these guidelines. For potential customers, the ZDHC Foundation created a trustworthy platform that shows how companies are working very hard towards a sustainable production process. In this way, the consumer knows he is helping the ideal of a better world by buying sustainable products.

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