SPGPrints, Stovec Introduce Optimal Solution “DART” For Start-Ups In Digital Textile Printing

Shailesh Wani, Managing Director, Stovec Industries Limited with DART machine

The textile industry has taken a big leap with the latest innovations in digital printing. Digital textile printing has enabled companies to keep up with the ever-changing requirements of the textile market. It has a positive benefit on the sustainability of the textile production process, as well as the typical benefits of fast design introduction, shorter print runs and new design possibilities. Many textile entrepreneurs in India have started investing in digital printing technology, as it is now being considered the most budding method of printing. 

Transitioning to digital textile printing
 Stovec (subsidiary of SPGPrints Group) has introduced the optimal future-proof digital textile printer ‘SPGPrints DART’. A robust entry level digital printer – ‘DART’ is the perfect solution for start-ups to fulfill their need for a medium speed printer.

DART provides industrial performance and more sustainable, high quality digital printing at a profitable cost level. It offers immense creative opportunities for printed designs as it can print on even the most difficult fabrics and help the brand owners or customers to meet the ever-changing demands of fashion industry.

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It offers unsurpassed quality and value to textile printers who are taking the first step into digital printing. Apart from ease, accuracy and productivity, it offers flexibility with different inks and drying methods.

Stovec is a total solutions provider, offering productive hardware, best in class software and compatible inks in different chemistries in the field of textile printing, for both rotary and digital textile printing.

The ‘SPGPrints DART’ enables you to print on demand at a top quality of 720 x 1080 dpi, using 8 colours. The print engine works with Konica Minolta print heads for extended service life, while the unique SPGPrints technology ensures consistent print quality, regardless of varying climatic conditions. The variable drop size enables you to produce sharp images, vibrant colours and smooth gradations. The printer is very easy to operate with plug-and-play installation and the latest colour management engines and colour processing tools are included in the preloaded RIP software.

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Stovec’s  Experience Center showcases the true power of digital printing
Stovec has strengthened its commitment to the adoption, development and support to textile printing technology, with the setting up of the ‘Experience Center’ – a demonstration and training facility located at company’s premises in Ahmedabad, India.

Print your own fabrics and learn how to reap the revolutionary benefits of digital textile printing. The innovation hub gives textile printers the ability to try new designs and fabrics under test conditions and get expert guidance. “The opening of the Experience Center marks our commitment towards both brand owners and customers in providing first-hand, real-time insight into this technology’s tremendous potential. Our focus is to enable textile printers to use digital printing technology to achieve higher standards of quality on the wide range of fabrics, and giving customers the flexibility to bring designs faster to the market,” said Shailesh Wani, MD, Stovec Industries Ltd.

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“For printing companies who are ready to embark on a digital textile printing journey, a visit to our Experience Center will be worthwhile. Come see for yourself the astonishing output DART can help you deliver,” he said.


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