Sustainable Printing Solution – EPRICON From Zydex Industries


Pigment printing is a more sustainable option for the textile industry, as water usage is minimal. Digital pigment printing can be applied on various textile substrate but it is still very expensive and in a nascent stage of adoption. In case of rotary screen printing, pigment printing had been used for long with some limitation to fastness and fabric handle.

Taking the lead in this direction, Zydex Industries has made breakthrough and technological revolution by introducing new generation binder system ‘EPRICON’ for rotary screen printing, which gives excellent softness and fastness to pigment prints with potential to replace at least 50% of existing reactive and conventional prints, thus saving water, energy while improving productivity. This is based on polyurethane binders and gives excellent softness to printed fabrics with higher solidity, depth and brilliancy equivalent to reactive prints.

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EPRICON allows customers to achieve reactive-like feel, fastness and depth along with excellent brightness. Its simple process eliminates washing and steaming processes and effluent treatment hassles associated with reactive printing. This not only saves overall cost but also results in higher production. EPRICON package allows printing at finer meshes which can help to achieve digital-like prints with deeper shades and brighter colours at much lower costs. This offers advantages such as lower printing cost and higher production compared to digital and reactive printing, lower wastages and pollution, high brilliancy and easy colour shade matching.

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EPRICON printing solution aims to replace water consuming printing systems to make a big difference in the textile industry. Zydex is a specialty chemical company that believes in innovating to create a sustainable world through conservation of resources.

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