Upcoming Garment Park In Kolkata To Revolutionise Apparel Sector


About the Initiative
The Budge Budge Garment Park in Kolkata is the latest and most promising undertaking among a slew of other successful ambitious projects spearheaded by the West Bengal Industrial Development Corporation Ltd (WBIDC) – an autonomous government body responsible for the growth of industry in West Bengal.

Over the years, WBIDC has catalysed industrial investment in West Bengal through the development and launch of 19 industrial parks in the state across sectors such as food, jewellery, engineering, and more.

This upcoming state-of-the-art garment park is an integrated and composite manufacturing unit that is slated to be a boon to garment manufacturers of all scales, not just in and around Kolkata but across India.

Bringing together the best of industry expertise and advanced technologies, the park will enable garment manufacturers to produce high quality merchandise at  exceptionally competitive pricing.

Let’s explore the 3 top strategic benefits the park offers:

  1. The sizeable park is built amidst lush greens and tranquil waters
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The Garment Park encompasses a whopping 7.6 lakh square feet land with 40% green cover that includes 525 trees and a beautiful water body of 40,000 sq. ft. These features enhance the aesthetic beauty of the development and contribute toward a harmonious and pleasant working environment. Each module has large windows that allow natural light and air to flow in freely to promote productivity and positivity among the workers.

  1. The park’s perfect location amplifies its business prospects multifold

The Garment Park is easily accessible and well connected to garment clusters of Metiabruz, Akra & Mahestala as well as the garment belt of Uluberia-Bauria- thereby giving the manufacturers an unbelievable competitive edge over their counterparts located elsewhere.

Being situated right on the bank of the Hooghly River also offers powerful benefits to any garment-manufacturing unit, as water is an essential resource in apparel manufacturing. Moreover, proximity to the Hooghly River is a double win as it also means easy accessibility to the Kolkata and Haldia ports.

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Moreover, the park also connects well with other important parts of the city such as the Kolkata airport, the Central Business District, Howrah Station and Sealdah Station. The Budge Budge railway station, which has super-convenient connectivity with Sealdah Railway station, is just 3.7 kms away from the park.

  1. The park offers state-of-the-art amenities for world-class manufacturing

The Garment Park has built-inamenities that save manufacturers from developing any infrastructure from scratch or for applying for clearances. So they can simply move in and start production immediately! The most sought-after of these built-in amenities are:

  1. Zero-discharge concept with 100% recycling of water
  2. In-house 145 KLD sewage treatment plant &194 KLD water treatment plant
  3. Round-the-clock water supply
  4. Well-connected internal roads
  5. Power & electric supply directly from WBIDC
  6. Street lighting for high visibility across the park
  7. Dedicated parking facility for cars and heavy vehicles
  8. Auto-response fire-fighting system
  9. CCTV monitoring
  10. Dedicated passenger lifts (2) and goods lifts (2) for each SDF
  11. Efficient solid waste-management system
  12. Rainwater harvesting system
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According to P Kamalakanth, Executive Director, WBIDC, “We’ve envisioned and built the whole park in a way that the innerwear and apparel sector can meet the ever-increasing domestic and foreign demand by enabling manufacturers to produce premium-quality garments at a fraction of what it would otherwise cost.”


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