VARIOline ECOrized: Maximum Production on a Blowroom Line in India

Aditya Arunkumar Biyani, Managing Director, Damodar Mills Ltd.

Damodar Mills Ltd, Amravati, lndia produces ring yarn from cotton and cotton blends with polyester/viscose. The company is one of the largest producers of commodity and fancy yarn in lndia with six manufacturing facilities. Damodar has introduced many new products with different blends and new designs to the market. The company exports its products to over 40 countries across Europe, Southern Africa, South America and Australia.

The Challenge
With the acquisition of a new blowroom line, Damodar’s challenges were to reduce the loss of raw material, lower its energy costs and operate the blowroom with fewer personnel than were required for the previous bloowroom line. It was also important for the customer to reduce the dust in the air in order to provide better working conditions for the operators.

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The Solution
Damodar is the first customer in lndia to utilize Rieter’s high production blowroom VARIOline with the new pre-cleaner UNlclean B 15. Also for the first time in lndia, Rieter integrated the intelligent VARIOline ECOrized solution into the blowroom which can be controlled via the control system UNlcontrol. VARIOline ECOrized ensures that the fibers pass through the individual machines of the blowroom in a highly energy-efficient way. In addition, no operator is needed to adjust the air balance manually. The VARIOline ECOrized system also facilitates predictive maintenance and helps to avoid unplanned interruptions in production.

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The Customer’s Benefits
Compared to competitor’s spinning mills, the Rieter blowroom reduces loss of raw material. With a production rate of more than 1 500 kg/h with only one bale opener UNIfloc A 12 and one UNIclean B 15 it is one of the most productive blowrooms in India. The VARIOline ECOrized system controls all the fans dynamically. As a result, energy consumption has decreased and Damodar now saves 4.5 kW/h in the pneumatic fiber transport system and an additional 4.5 kW/h in the filter house. Furthermore, VARIOline ECOrized has considerably reduced the dust in the bloowroom thanks to the closed exhaust air pipes to the filter station. This has improved the working conditions for the operators significantly. Damodar also benefits from improved yarn quality: The Rieter blowroom provides excellent cleaning performance with a much-reduced level of lint loss which is also evident in the yarn results. Tests give Damodar a strong confidence that the blowroom will also produce reliably using a much higher production rate.

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