Vietnam Investigates PFY Dumping By China, India, Others


The Ministry of Industry and Trade (MoIT) has launched an investigation that may result in anti-dumping duties on polyester filament yarn (PFY) originating from China, India, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The investigation was launched after a request from the domestic manufacturing industry. The request, which was submitted on November 7 last year, said that PFY imports from the above-mentioned countries had surged, causing significant damage to the local PFY manufacturing industry.

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Fabrics used in Vietnam’s apparel industry are mainly made up of three types of yarn including PFY yarn, polyester staple fibre (PSF) and natural fibre (mainly cotton). PFY accounts for around 30% of total consumption. The designed capacity of PFY production factories in the country is estimated at 350,000 tonnes per year. The MoIT will send questionnaires to relevant parties for analysing the anti-dumping level and damages. Relevant parties can also exchange information with the ministry before the final decision is released. Under the provisions of the Law on Foreign Trade Management, the ministry can apply provisional anti-dumping measures. In addition, anti-dumping duties may be imposed within 90 days prior to the imposition of provisional anti-dumping duties.

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