Afro Edition Of Stitch & Tex Expo 2020 To Showcase Africa’s Textile Might


The Afro edition of Stitch & Tex Expo is all set to feature the new concept of organizing two consecutive trade fairs. The first trade fair will be dedicated to garment processing technologies including sewing, embroidery, fabrics and their accessories. The second fair will be dedicated to textile processing technologies including weaving, spinning, knitting, and dyeing machinery technologies and spare parts.

Set to establish a tangible uprising in motivating employment, inspiring skill development, stirring entrepreneurship in the textiles business segment, achieving economic development and thus conveying new ambitions for younger generations of the African continent, the two editions of Stitch & Tex – Afro Edition 2020 will be held in the prestigious venue Cairo International Conventions and Exhibitions Center- Egypt during the period February 27th till March 1st 2020 and from 5-8 March 2020 consecutively.

Why Africa, Why Egypt?
To survive, humans need food, shelter, and warmth. Textiles fall into all of these categories. Because of clothing and protective gear, farmers can use fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides to increase crop yields. They can also use equipment filters and protective coverings for planting, harvesting, and protecting their crops. Without all of these technical textiles, food production would be less reliable.

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People also need clothes and blankets to stay warm. Without natural and synthetic fibers, shingles and other types of building materials could not be made, influencing the type of shelters built. To understand how textiles affect our day to day lives, it’s important to realize the variety of textiles available.

Over the past decades the snow-balling international business interest in Africa has risen to unprecedented levels; due to the immense resources and potential of the continent.

Indeed, Africa is certainly on its way to becoming the major regional apparel hub with great propensity to provide competitive prices. The African textile and apparel fertile market keeps engendering attention among international players.

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New Horizons For Textile Technologies

Stitch & Tex Expo – Afro Edition, the most imperative international to continental business to business forum serving Africa’s ever-growing textile and apparel industries; the event not only makes available cutting-edge technological solutions for qualified buyers, but also provides exceptional opportunities for exhibitors to access the regional prosperous well-off markets at a single event.

The twin events organized under a single umbrella provide a premier event paving the way for textile and machinery manufacturers, suppliers, and buyers to capitalize on growing opportunities in one of the world’s most appealing business environments.

The mega event is more than an exhibition. It is a unique platform where textile and apparel regional manufacturers meet worldwide machinery and accessories leading innovators and brightest minds to source machinery supplies, network with industry players, benchmark their modernization strategies and get-to-grips with evolving trends and technologies.

The event has an idiosyncratic, international and regional reach that makes perfect all-year-round route to marketing and face-to-face selling opportunities bringing together record-breaking figures comprising thousands of the regional and local most influential professional buyers to explore the key technologies and latest trends showcased by the exhibitors.

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Demonstrating the perfect site for international textile and apparel technology premieres; the double whammy consecutive events provide extensive competition scope, sustained business opportunities, broad media coverage and cross-industry knowledge transfer.

With great impending and ambitious plans for industrial development, Africa is showing potential to become the most competitive textile and apparel Hub.


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