Ahmedabad Textile Traders To Go On Strike Tomorrow


Traders protest against a near-fatal attack by goons on a textile processor Naresh Sharma, who was recovering his dues

Textile traders of close to a dozen markets in Ahmedabad city have announced a bandh on Thursday, following a near-fatal attack on leading businessmen in the textile processing sector. A meeting of various trade bodies was held on Tuesday to discuss the course action. The case has been brought to the notice of the Home Ministry. Businessmen have urged the government to take strict action against the traders who are using goons to beat up and threaten fellow brethren.

Gaurang Bhagat, president of Maskati Kapad Market Mahajan said that Naresh Sharma, president of Textile Processors Association – Ahmedabad was attacked on Sunday night when he sought recovery from local traders Manoj and Rocky. After being thrashed, Sharma was admitted to the Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a local hospital. Members and office bearers of Mahajan have taken this issue seriously and warned that if such cases continue, it will aggravate economic and business slowdown and business confidence would witness a decline.

As per the complaint filed with Naroda police station, Manoj and Rocky were supposed to pay Sharma a net sum of Rs 9.75 lakh. The payment terms were decided recently. When Sharma, along with one of his employees, went to collect money, he was thrashed by two unknown persons. One identified himself as ‘Babu Sindhi’ and the other as a ‘man of Jitu Body’.

Bhagat told that traders using goons to settle payments will not be allowed. “Such buyers promise the goons that they would pay him 10% or 20% of the settlement amount if they ensure that settlement is cancelled. This cannot be tolerated,” said Bhagat.

He said that Mahajan is firm that traders will have to honour the deals made. He also informed that of late a number of frauds related to Post Dated Cheques (PDCs) have been reported, where either the traders refuse to pay or the cheques have signatures of unauthorised persons.


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