C&A Shuts Down 23 Stores In Spain


Dutch fashion chain C&A will shut down 23 Spanish stores, which will leave more than 300 people unemployed. Currently, the chain has 106 stores in Spain, but it only wants to invest in profitable stores.

Three new stores

C&A's decision is the result of increased competition in Spain and the growing popularity of online shopping. However, the store closures do not mean that C&A is planning to withdraw from the Spanish market entirely. "We have been successful in the Spanish market for 34 years, which proves our company fits the Iberian market", Domingo Esteves said. He is responsible for C&A Spain and Portugal. The latter will also be hit with five store closures, but C&A will equally open three new stores in Spain in 2017, located in Zamora, Jaén and Melilla.

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