Hemp Apparel Orders Exceed Expectations of Cartel Blue Inc’s New Division

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Cartel Blue Inc has announced that its newly created eco-friendly hemp fabric apparel division, EOC (Evolution of Consciousness) Underground urban street wear collection, has exceeded all sales expectations.

Interest in EOC Underground's eco-friendly hemp fabric urban street wear collection has been extraordinary. EOC Underground has commitments for its hemp apparel collection from over 200 stores and counting. The pace of demand has been so rapid that back to back orders are piling up.

An offering of various sizes and configurations of free standing displays of its hemp apparel and accessories is being overwhelmingly accepted by marijuana stores located primarily in Southern California. Its free standing displays allows rotating sales of men's and women's hemp t-shirts, hoodies, and tote bags. In a second wave of production, EOC Underground will add denim shorts, jeans, vests, jackets and scarves.

The company's President, David Rhodes, stated, "We have been chasing demand the entire year and are throttled down on manufacturing. We are maxing out all of our capacity at all our contract factories. As much as they can give us, we are taking. In January, we will finally be well stocked and then the rate of sales to retail stores can move forward."

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It is estimated that there are over 4,000 medical marijuana stores in California with over 2,600 located in Southern California alone. Legal cannabis sales in the United States jumped 17 percent, to $5.4 billion, in 2015 and are expected to grow by 25 percent this year, to $6.7 billion, according to Arcview Market Research. By 2020 legal cannabis sales in the United States are projected to hit $21.8 billion. While medical and recreational consumers are flocking to the stores, EOC Underground collection of urban street wear hemp apparel will be front & centre.

Hemp apparel fabric exudes superior properties. It is one of the strongest and most durable of all natural textile fibres. Apparel products made from hemp will outlast their competition by many years. Not only is hemp strong, but it also holds its shape, stretching less than any other natural fibre.

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This prevents garments from stretching out or becoming distorted with use. Although hemp may be known for its durability, its comfort and style are second to none. The more hemp is used, the softer it gets. Hemp does not wear out, it wears in. Hemp is one of the natural fibres which possess increased strength and absorbency, even more than cotton.

Hemp fabrics can also be recycled more easily than other natural fabrics. Clothing made from hemp is resistant to mould, moisture, UV and UVB rays, is not easily discoloured, is antibacterial and regulates the temperature.

Cartel Blue Inc is a Los Angeles, California based eco-friendly apparel company that utilises high-quality fabrics and designs with contemporary and edgy marketing strategies in conjunction with popular and unique celebrities in the film, television and music industries.

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The company manufactures and markets cotton as well as hemp jeans besides tops for both men and women in the United States of America. Its newest division EOC (Evolution of Consciousness) Underground is a collection of men's and women's eco-friendly hemp/cotton t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, and soon to be added jeans, shorts, scarves, vests, and jackets.    


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