Auro Weaving Humidifies With Condair Jetspray

Auro Weaving Mills in Baddi, India, has installed a JetSpray humidification system from Condair to humidify its warping section.

Auro Weaving Mills in Baddi, India, has installed a JetSpray humidification system from Condair to humidify its warping section. The humidifier is creating the ideal air humidity to reduce fibre shedding from the yarn and airborne fly, as well as maintain yarn moisture content and minimise yarn breakage during processing.

Auro Weaving Mills is a unit of the Vardhman Group, which has 22 manufacturing facilities across India & employs more than 25,000 people. The Auro factory manufactures the highest quality fabric on its 288 airjet looms & produces over 388 lakh metres of fabric per year. Mukesh Saxena, Chief General Manager of Fabric Operations at Vardhman, explains, “The JetSpray is maintaining the ideal humidity of 60% RH in Auro Weaving’s warping section. This significantly reduces the generation of fly and yarn breakages, helping us to deliver the highest efficiency and quality in the department. Since we installed the JetSpray humidification system, the ambience of the area is very comfortable and clean. The reduction in yarn breakages not only results in a more trouble-free operation at subsequent stages but also boosts the morale of the employees, as less rethreading is required. We would highly recommend the JetSpray for humidification in warping & yarn storage, where reliable & accurate humidity control is essential.” The JetSpray system installed at Auro Weaving Mills incorporates 66 nozzles, each capable of introducing 4.5 litres of moisture per hour into the atmosphere. A wall-mounted JetSpray control panel regulates a supply of compressed air and water, which is provided to the nozzle lines. Each nozzle perfectly combines the air and water to release extremely fine aerosols, with droplet sizes of just 7.5 microns, which rapidly evaporate into the air. The compressed air prevents any possibility of dripsfrom the nozzles and makes the spray highly directional, thus preventing wetting on machinery, walls or the floor.

From left: Jaydeep Dasgupta, Managing Director at Regent Machine & Servicing, Mukesh Saxena, Chief General Manager of Fabric Operations at Vardhman

The JetSpray humidifier was provided and installed by Condair’s representative in the Indian textile sector, Regent Machine and Servicing (RMS). Jaydeep Dasgupta, Managing Director at RMS, commented, “As the JetSpray introduces moisture at many points across the room, the humidity level throughout an area can be precisely regulated. This is unlike centrally ducted air washers, which frequently struggle to maintain optimum humidity levels across a complete production area. As a single JetSpray control panel can provide up to 600 litres of humidity per hour, it is an ideal system for large textile factories or for topping-up humidification provided by existing ducted systems.”

Dasgupta, continues. “We are very proud to be working with the Vardhman Group on this project at Auro Weaving Mills and in helping Vardhman maintain the utmost product quality for which they are world-renowned. The JetSpray humidification system is proven technology in the textile and jute sectors, and RMS has undertaken over 200 installations across the subcontinent.

Modern high-speed textile machinery requires superior humidity control and the JetSpray from Condair is versatile and adaptable to virtually any humidification requirement.”

The Condair Group is the world’s leading specialist in humidification and evaporative cooling, with energy efficient, hygienic and innovative technologies for commercial, industrial and heritage applications.


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