Baldwin To Showcase TexCoat G3 at Turkey ITM 2018 For Enhanced Sustainability

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Baldwin Technology Company Inc. will be showcasing the TexCoat G3 for the first time in Turkey during the ITM tradeshow, held in Istanbul from April 14 to 17, 2018. This groundbreaking Precision

Application Technology product—which will be demonstrated in hall 12 at booth 1213—enables a sustainable textile and nonwoven finishing process, with low energy consumption, reduced water and chemistry waste, and substantial savings of production time and costs.

Launched in 2017, the innovative TexCoat G3 already has been installed at major textile finishing facilities worldwide, with proven positive results, including the following features::

  • Reduced water and chemistry usage, up to 50 percen
  • Reduced total changeover time, up to 85 percent
  • Reduced chemistry waste, up to 95 percent

“We are immensely proud to showcase the TexCoat G3 in Turkey, one of the leading markets for innovation and productivity in the textile industry,” said Simone Morellini, Baldwin Sales Manager. “We see great potential for our Precision Application Technology products in this region, and our goal is to help customers improve productivity, while saving valuable resources and contributing to a sustainable future,” he added.

Baldwin’s Precision Application Technology product line provides customers with more flexibility, fewer production steps and increased uptime. With individual nozzle control and automatic volume adjustment, the TexCoat G3 ensures precise and uniform application in various process conditions and capacities. Adjustments can be set in relation to cloth width, gram per square metre and textile characteristics, allowing for complete control of the amount of water and chemistry applied.

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Furthermore, the TexCoat G3 is versatile, managing a wide range of low-viscosity chemistries—such as water-repellent, softener and anti-microbial finishing—as well as single- and dual-sided applications, various textile characteristics and wet-on-wet applications. Plus, it significantly reduces changeover times to less than five minutes, thanks to fully automatic flushing, and its mist containment covers encapsulate and prevent aerosols from escaping, securing a healthy working environment.

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Leading apparel producer HanesBrands recently invested in 19 TexCoat G3 systems from Baldwin. “We have had outstanding results in productivity increase, and we can clearly see that this technology will make a great contribution to our future efficiency and sustainability savings,” said Mike Abbott, HanesBrands Global Director of Research and Innovation.

Spot Ltd., under the leadership of Cengiz Kahraman, has been representing Baldwin’s Precision Application Technology product line for the textile market in Turkey since 2016. The two companies collaborate closely and are committed to revolutionizing the textile finishing industry.

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